Dobbs – Clinton Steals Trump Message To Salvage Campaign, Hide Pro-Terrorism


Lou Dobbs takes note of how quickly time flies as he reminds us that there are only fifty days left until the election. That’s not a long time in his book, but that’s fifty days that Hillary Clinton has to hide and pretend that she’s feeling just dandy. Fifty days she has to worry about more secrets being leaked about her criminal and unscrupulous activities. And it’s fifty days for people to realize what a despicable liar she is.

“Trump is up in the polls, Hillary’s down and they’re effectively tied in most of the national polls and battleground state polls. Now it’s the Democrats’ turn,” says Dobbs, “to worry about the appeal of their presidential nominee. And Hillary must be worried herself, because she returned to the campaign trail channeling Donald Trump today.”

Dobbs says, “Look at this Trumpian imagery,” a knockoff of the Trump plane in the background that we’ve seen on many of his campaign stops. Additionally she’s pirated some of his positions as well. Dobbs plays a clip of Clinton saying that she has “long been an advocate for tough vetting,” and “let’s not get diverted and distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric we hear coming from the other side.”

Mr. Dobbs’ curiosity is piqued a bit, asking, “So when did that start, that tough vetting, and why did her campaign call Trump’s proposal to do just that unserious?” He also observes that the phrase tough vetting sounds a lot like Donald Trump’s extreme vetting, noting that plagiarizing without credit is the worst kind.

He promises, now that her positions have come around to mirror those of Mr. Trump on the Islamic invasion, not to forget about the many other national security vulnerabilities that she and her predecessor have maneuvered us into. Things like the open borders, their joint refusal to enforce immigration laws and the “refugee” crisis, which they did nothing to prevent and had a larger role than any other two people on the planet in creating.

Just to highlight how out of control, poorly managed and biased against national security and the American people things in this hijacked government have become, Dobbs notes that there have been two instances where illegal aliens that were supposed to be deported were instead granted citizenship. They’re not individual cases, one involves 860 terrorist nation nationals and the other 953 similar illegal aliens.

The supposed reasons was due to fingerprint records not being available. In Jeh Johnson’s DHS, if you can’t properly process an application, the default solution is to approve it. Maybe nobody will get hurt. Maybe they will.

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