Dobbs – Clinton Pretending Nothing Happened After NY Collapse, What Is The Deal?


In noting the return of Hillary Clinton to the campaign trail, Lou Dobbs asks, “What is the deal here? She travels to North Carolina and DC less than a week after her pneumonia diagnosis and just four days after that diagnosis was revealed to the world as she collapsed trying to escape unnoticed from a September 11th memorial service in New York.”

“Didn’t happen, here she is,” says Dobbs. “There she is collapsing and being thrown into the getaway van by her Secret Service detail and attending staff. It’s an extraordinary image. And the campaign today trying to spin it up her convalescent absence saying it provided her an opportunity to ‘sharpen the final argument Clinton will present to voters.'”

Dobbs says, “But it was her return to the campaign trail that needed some sharpening. The Democrat nominee incredibly touting her openness and her transparency during an interview on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show.” The comments by Clinton on that program brought laughter out of the host as she described herself as being more transparent than Trump or anybody who’s run for president before her.

A flabbergasted Mr. Dobbs notes, “Well that covers quite a number of folks, doesn’t it. Good Lord, I mean, that borders on the delusional doesn’t it? He then goes on to detail a number of instances in which she was anything but transparent, highlighting the absurdity of her comments.

Dobbs points out, “Clinton also returned to a spate of bad polls. The latest Monmouth poll shows Clinton trailing by 8 points in Iowa. And brand new Fox News polls tonight show Clinton and Trump in a virtual tie. Trump polling ahead of Clinton by one point in the head to head match-up, while she’s ahead by a single point in the four way race.”

Dobbs says, “This looks like, if you will, the inflection point in this election cycle. Trump hitting his stride, hitting the right notes, his voice resonating obviously with the electorate and Clinton stumbling, tripping a bit on her high wire act with the truth and facing the prospect of losing once again. Just when all that power, all she’s ever sought seemed within reach, now possibly slipping away.”

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