Dobbs – Clinton Isn’t Volunteering Anything – If Evidence Is To Be Had It Will Be Hard Fought For


Lou Dobbs fires salvos of the painful truth at the scandalous Clinton corruption machine in a couple of areas. Joining them in taking incoming is Jim Comey, who now seems to be their partner in crime, and his less than forthcoming FBI.

Dobbs notes that Huma Abedin is finally starting to get the long overdue attention for her roles as being simultaneously employed at the State Department, Teneo, and the Clinton Foundation as well as her ten year stint with the family Islamic Revolutionary publication that her mother, brother and sister still work for, with Abedin’s Muslim Sisterhood founding mother holding the position of Editor in Chief.

He notes the troubling practice under Clinton of charging admission fees to see her, with one for the Crown Prince of Bahrain noted in particular, that amounted to a cool $32 million. Ed Rollins says later in the broadcast that he believes the content of those conversations is worthy of extra scrutiny.

Michael Goodwin believes that Dobbs is right, this really is a bombshell, describing the email which required financial payments for entrance in to see Clinton as “incriminating.”

Dobbs says, “This calls into question does it not, Ed, also the level of scrutiny that the FBI brought to this investigation,” as he notes the conflicts that cry out for a real investigation to be conducted. Rollins says he finds it interesting that the most incriminating emails are the ones being found now. She had five chances to turn these in and wasn’t turning anything in, leaving it up to the American people and Judicial Watch to catch her in her criminality.

Rollins also notes that the Clintons have always sold access, renting out nights in the Lincoln bedroom when they were in the White House.

Dobbs brings the conversation back to FBI Director Comey and his questionable judgment not to call for prosecution of Hillary Clinton over her emails, saying, “On its face that looks ridiculous, preposterous.” The obviously frustrated Lou Dobbs says, “The existence of these 15,000 emails means that she lied about fundamentally the biggest element of it all, which was how many emails there were.”

He says, “She has lied, she has lied, she has denied and she has, I cannot imagine why anyone would believe a word the woman ever would say again.”

Goodwin points out another fallacy with the Comey arguments against prosecution, that he could supposedly not establish the unnecessary requirement for intent, saying the lies are evidence of intent. They also have a few things to say about this most maddeningly aggravating corrupt little with and her attempts to assign her guilt to Colin Powell.

What is transpiring is almost beyond words but Dobbs is able to come up with a few, “The rancid stench of all of this is overwhelming, whether it be the alignment of the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Clinton cartel or whether it be a woman who wants to be president of the United States who has a record that is now becoming one of infamy.”

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