Dobbs – Clinton Hiding From Foundation Story, But So Are McConnell, Ryan and Romney


Lou Dobbs has some thoughts on the disappearing act that Hillary Clinton is pulling, her seriously curtailed campaign schedule and the fact that we’re now in day 263 of playing,  “Where’s Hillary,” with it having been that many days since her last press conference.


Mr. Dobbs notes that Clinton is pursuing a run-out-the-clock bunker strategy, waiting for all of this corruption stuff to fade, at least until election day, now just seventy-five days away.  He says, “She hasn’t held a press conference since early last December and her most recent rally a week ago in Cleveland.”

Dobbs points out that Clinton has been instead engaged in a fund raising blitz, all of it of the closed-door variety. He says, “I think these are signals of what you might expect if she were to be elected president. There are so many signals, aren’t there? Hillary Clinton appears only to be granting audiences to those who pay, much like her time at the State Department, after a bombshell report from the Associated Press revealed more than half of her non-government meetings were with donors to the Clinton Foundation.

He makes the astute observation that while Donald Trump is slamming the Clinton corruption, Republican leaders in Congress are nowhere to be found. He points out that even the national liberal mainstream media is covering aspects of the story now, but not a peep from the GOP “leaders.”

Dobbs also reveals that, “Despite all the growing charges of corruption and demands to shut down the foundation that is at the center of these scandals, we find the Clintons just can’t help themselves. We learned today that no matter what, Chelsea, you forgot about her didn’t you, Chelsea Clinton will remain on the board of the Clinton Foundation regardless of whether her mother wins in November or not.”

He wonders where the missing persons, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are in the debate over the Clinton criminality and the foundation racketeering organization. He credits their jealousy of Trump with their silence, but there is also the strong possibility that support from Mr. Soros and the banking elites have clouded their vision and tempered their outrage.

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