So Dishonest, No Responsibility For Clinton, Like Obama


On this Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press, Jake Tapper asked some direct questions of Hillary Clinton’s sleazy campaign manager but let him off the hook when it wasn’t necessary in others. Part of the questioning dealt with whether or not she’d approve of the 33,000 Clinton emails being released if they were in fact in the hands of a foreign government. Absolutely not, if she won’t release the contents of three Goldman Sachs speeches, we can bet our bottom dollar she’s going to hold firm on not releasing the documentation of her espionage activities.

Tapper starts off with an effort to get Mook on the record as to whether or not the computers of the Hillary Clinton campaign had been hacked. Mook stated that He said to this point they believe they had not, but it remains unclear. What is even more unclear is whether they would admit it if they had or they even have the ability to determine if a hacking has taken place. As information security goes, they seem to be quite incapable.

Tapper uses the opening to shift to that topic, a question of the Clinton difficulty in general with security, and cyber security in particular. He asks, “What kind of concern should voters have if the DNC and by extension the Clinton Campaign can’t protect data? Mook declines to answer that question, offering his own topic, that of the Russians and a claim he makes against Donald Trump. Mook says he’s concerned that there is a foreign power hacking into emails.

Who could have predicted that, right Robby boy? Espionage between nations isn’t halted because one of them is holding elections? Isn’t that against the spy rules? That’s stunning.

Next he told a real whopper of a lie, saying that that Donald Trump made statements encouraging more hacking by Russians. From the sound of things there’s nothing left to hack, anything they wanted they already have, including Chelsea’s butt measurement from that wedding dress file.

Mook is obviously counting on people either not having seen the Trump statement, being distracted  or not paying attention to it or just being too stupid to comprehend it. Trump didn’t encourage any hacking, in fact that server no longer exists and we’re told Clinton has already wiped it clean of any information.

What he said is that if anyone has the information that was later deleted, if they still have the records that Clinton is trying so desperately to conceal from the American public, he’d love to see them and they need to be handed over to the FBI. Tapper should have pointed that out. Instead he let Mook get away with incorrectly stating what Trump had said.

Mook has the nerve to talk about Trump encouraging espionage in the race when his corrupt candidate actually committed espionage against the United States in the form of countless felonies, at least 33,000 of them. Mook says every voter needs to take note of his misrepresented version of the facts. Tapper should have agreed, restate the facts correctly and then continued with the interview. He ingored that point and continued on.

They get into a discussion of whether Trump said it jokingly or not, an irrelevant discussion. The question is where are the emails that Clinton deleted. Tapper does attempt to pin Mook down a bit, asking him if he’d be in favor of having them released. Naturally, crooked Hillary is opposed.

Mook doesn’t say no, he doesn’t say much of anything other than they’ve moved on. That’s the same thing she said about her getting four Americans murdered in Benghazi, it’s time to move on. There’s nothing to see here. It’s just the status quo from a non-responsive, Democrat-friendly government.

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