Disgusting, Vulgar! See How The Illegal Mexicans Use Their Kids To Abuse American Trump Supporters!

Disgusting, Vulgar! See How The Illegal Mexicans Use Their Kids To Abuse American Trump Supporters!

Trump supporters were attacked in Indiana, Southern California recently.

Protesting is our American right but illegal aliens don’t have that right.  They don’t have a right to wave their Mexican flag on our American soil. They do it anyway.  The damn Obama Administration and leftist idiots enable the invasion of illegals to curse, slander, protest and hurt our citizens and police. Americans are really getting fed up about this and want to stop them and that’s why Trump has their vote.


Trump said he’ll build a wall and confront the illegal immigration problem in America. I hope he doesn’t assist illegals with welfare, food stamps, medical and education benefits like they get now.  Obama even gave them a voters registration card! They’ve abused America far to long and it’s our own government officials who helped them abuse us.

The Mexican children were shouting, “F*** you,F*** you.” as they flipped off Trump supporters.  The illegals actually attacked our police and a police horse.  This is outrageous and we had better unite together and try to put a stop to their vulgar boldness upon America’s citizens.

When I was young, if I said a bad word, I was threatened by my parents to get my mouth washed out with soap! Recently during a Trump protest in Southern California, these rude illegals permitted their kids to shout obscenities in public at American Trump supporters. These kids will grow up to be the potential gang members that Trump talked about. The illegal aliens, never receive legal consequences by our lawmakers and if they do, President, Obama lets most illegal criminals out of jail. It’s insane to watch America’s Commander and Chief back stab Americans and put their safety at risk by doing this kind of action. It’s treason!

Americans must begin to stand up against them and I pray Trump does what he says about making America great again.  We need a true leader to help us against the illegal invasion of our country.


Video captured images of the angry protesters wearing sombreros and holding signs that read, “Brown Pride.”



Have you had enough of this illegal-ism killing our sovereignty?  I have!

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