Dirty Canadian Bush Insider Cruz Takes The Low Road To Cleveland


Calling it a clean sweep of the Wyoming delegates is inappropriate, though Ted Cruz did end up with all 14 pledged to him. Terminology such as a dirty grab would be a much more accurate way to describe what took place.

It’s worth noting that this type of controversial manipulation of the process and the rules is nothing new for Ted Cruz. He was a strategist and key figure in the battle between Al Gore and George W. Bush over Florida, a fight in which he helped his current sponsor emerge with the White House. The tactics are similar to what garnered Richard Nixon the nickname of  “Tricky Dick. Canadian Ted Cruz should be recognized simply as a “Dirty Tricks Dick.”

It’s entirely consistent with the history of the insider political operative Cruz to abuse the spirit of the electoral process, including the requirement that the candidate be a natural born American citizen. Cruz knows Canadians are not allowed to participate. That translates into “most Canadians,” as Cruz sees it.

The rules were structured by the Republican Party to perpetuate their power and control over the process, to provide the appearance of the voters being able to determine who the candidate is while putting in place key firewalls in strategic locations, such as Wisconsin, Colorado and Wyoming, to prevent the people from actually deciding who the candidate will be.

The sleazy, shameless Canadian Cruz has no respect for the American people and no respect for our nation. He’s a predator, a vulture scavenging every delegate he can in an abuse of the system that is turning our electoral process into a naked power grab of back room and front room deals, promises of support and  favors and a united front by the establishment against the will and wishes of the American people.

The Republicans are behind this; they are in full and complete support of Ted Cruz and his filthy assault on our electoral process. They may succeed in the short term, but they will create a backlash that will mobilize the formerly silent majority in a manner they could have never imagined and should be in tremendous fear of. It represents the uprising against the abuse of power of the nature that created this nation. We’re not going back to accepting the lesser of two evils or of allowing a foreigner to usurp the office of president and continue to lead us down the road to destruction.

We’ve had enough. The citizenship of this foreign imposter must be validated first and foremost. It is an absolute travesty that he is even allowed to run, having never been determined to be qualified. Where is Reince Priebus on the issue of Cruz’s eligibility? When did Cruz become an American citizen is a question that has not yet even been addressed. No documentation has been provided whatsoever.

It is the most basic, preliminary of steps that should have taken place, a review that would have prevented our current situation, and one which should land Ted Cruz in a federal prison once he is exposed.

Enough of the assumptions, Fox News, CNN and others. Ask the questions, demand to see the documents, force Priebus to take a look and make a determination, if they even exist. You’ll likely find that they don’t exist and that the second greatest fraud in election history, after Hussein Obama, is being perpetrated against the American people by the Canadian from Texas.


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