BUSTED: Did Gowdy Hint At The Crime That Will Actually Put Hillary Behind Bars?

Maybe Trey Gowdy will get his woman after all.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton and her scandal machine, fatigue has definitely set in.  With every new revelation of what was in the emails that we didn’t know before, the American public collectively shrugs shoulders and gets to the point: she’s never going to jail.

Well…over Labor Day weekend, in a trick out of the old political play book that worked when the internet and social media did not exist to keep news stories alive days past their old expiration dates, the FBI released yet more information about the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  There were a number of bombshells that would have sunk any Republican, but for the most part, the American people just shrugged.

Except for former prosecuting attorney, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.).  No, with all the revelations about Hillary’s team using Bleach Bit, and hammering away at cell phones, ordering email archives destroyed before the public found out that the Clinton team was using a private server while Hillary was in charge at State, Gowdy came up with the one crime that no one has mentioned yet.

Destruction of evidence while under subpoena.  That is a provable felony at this point.

See, in the release from last Friday, which is nowhere near complete, and invites far more questions than answers previous queries, came the vital pieces from Platte River Networks, actually, that evidence was destroyed AFTER the Benghazi Committee had all Clinton emails under subpoena.  From Byron York at the Washington Examiner:

Shortly after the New York Times report, according to the FBI, Mills asked Platte River Networks, the company that was handling the Clinton server, to do an inventory of what was on the servers. (Mills had, of course, ordered the old emails destroyed and a new retention policy put in place back in December 2014.) On March 25, 2014, the Platte River Networks people took part in a conference call with Bill Clinton’s staff. At that point, an intense round of deleting began.

Sometime between March 25 and March 31, according to the FBI, a tech worker not identified in the report had what he called an “oh shit” moment. He realized that he had not done what Mills had ordered back in December 2014. In his first interview with the FBI, on Feb. 18, 2016, the unidentified staffer “indicated that he did not recall conducting deletions based upon this realization.” But then, in a follow-up interview on May 3, 2016, the staffer “indicated he believed he had an ‘oh shit’ moment and sometime between March 25-31, 2015 deleted the Clinton archive mailbox.” The staffer used the now-notorious BleachBit to do the work, and manually deleted a backup as well.

But the story is a little more complicated than that. The FBI found that on March 9, 2015, Mills sent the Platte River Networks staff, including the unidentified worker, an email, in the words of the FBI, “referencing the preservation request from the Committee on Benghazi.” In his first interview with the FBI, the staffer told agents that “he did not recall seeing the preservation request referenced in the March 9, 2015 e-mail.” But then, in the May 3 follow-up interview, the staffer “indicated that, at the time he made the deletions in March 2015, he was aware of the existence of the preservation request and the fact that it meant he should not disturb Clinton’s e-mail date on the [Platte River Networks] server.” The staffer also told the FBI he did not consult any colleagues, company legal counsel or anyone else “regarding the meaning of the preservation request.”

This writer believes that first “March 25, 2014” could possibly be 2015 in the timeline following the New York Times story.  It’s not exactly clear.  Whatever the case is, the order to destroy evidence ahead of the investigations came from Bill Clinton, initially.

The full Hillary Clinton email – Benghazi – gun running – leaving people to die situation is getting more complex and more is increasingly intertwined with the pay to play scheme laundered through the Clinton Foundation with every new revelation.  That makes Trey Gowdy’s statement – and the idea that destruction of evidence while under subpoena sitting next to treason, espionage, and bribery – all the more compelling.

“The FBI selectively releasing Secretary Clinton’s interview summary is of little benefit to the public unless and until all relevant documents and witness interview summaries are released,” Gowdy said. “The public is entitled to all relative information, including the testimony of the witnesses at Platte River Networks, the entity which maintained the private server. The public will find the timeline and witness responses and failures to respond instructive.”

Whatever happened, we don’t have the full story yet.  And until we do, the Hillary email scandal needs to remain as relevant as Donald Trump’s hair, tax returns, and use of perfectly legal bankruptcy laws.

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