Dictator Obama Violates Constitution Again – “Self-Ratifies” Climate Deal In China


Our self-appointed dictator, Hussein Obama, does as he pleases in matters both foreign and domestic, exercising powers beyond those afforded him by the Constitution. He’s struck again, his latest attack coming as he begins a visit in China.

On Saturday Hussein Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping submitted their plans to the international government of the UN to supposedly reduce carbon emissions. The Obamanistas at CNN misreported it as each nation “officially ratifying an agreement forged last year in Paris meant to curb climate change.” That is a completely false statement.

Congress has had no role in the usurper’s climate adventurism. The Senate would have had to approve it by a 2/3 majority for the treaty to be ratified. Obama knows he doesn’t have the support of thinking Americans so he’s once again attempting to circumvent the Constitution. Obama is declaring, as he did with the Iran deal, that the agreement is not a treaty. He’s wrongly labeling it as an “Executive Agreement.”

In what is clearly more orchestrated globalist theater, Obama and his globalist allies, Xi and UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon participated in a ceremony in which the agreements were submitted to the head of the globalist government, the UN. Pomp and pageantry are no substitute for legality but they do provide the appearance of legitimacy even where none exists.

CNN acknowledges that what they call the “US plan” is being described as something other than the treaty that it is, but makes no reference to the lack of legal standing Obama dictates have. They report, “Because the US plan was termed an ‘executive agreement,’ the White House says Obama did not require Senate approval for ratification.” It’s also non-binding and illegal.

Executive agreements are defined by Merriam-Webster as ” an agreement (as an armistice) between the U.S. and a foreign government that is made by the president and usually deals with a subject within the president’s powers. Aside from the fact that Obama is not a legitimate president and his signature isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, international climate deals are not within the scope of his powers. They are treaties that require Senate ratification.

Obama is once again playing a game of Congressional chicken in which he acts dictatorially knowing that Congress is composed of gutless and bought-off traitors to America, who will do nothing of substance to stand up to any assault on the people and our Constitution.

The Wikipedia entry for Executive Agreements states, ” An executive agreement is an agreement between the heads of government of two or more nations that has not been ratified by the legislature as treaties are ratified. Executive agreements are considered politically binding to distinguish them from treaties which are legally binding” and also note that they ” cannot go beyond the President’s constitutional powers. As the Constitution clearly sets conditions for international agreements of this type requiring Senate ratification, Obama has once again exceeded his authority. The agreement is not legally binding.

Definitions for “politically binding” are varied and vague, just the way Obama likes his dictates. That leaves him plenty of room to implement them in whatever manner he sees fit and again, challenge anybody to stop him.

The 2009 Copenhagen Accord, an unenforceable document, was considered a politically binding agreement. The World Resources Institute described that document in December of 2009, saying, “But ‘politically binding’ is not the same as ‘legally binding.’ Politically binding—if anything—means that political consequences will flow from its breach—diplomatic responses, efforts at public shaming, withholding of discretionary funding, etc. In this sense, the Accord can be considered a strong, high level commitment by the countries that have adhered to it, and many groups are choosing to interpret it in this sense.”

The bottom line is that the action by Hussein Obama is all show, intimidation and where possible among the mentally deficient, public shaming. But it does establish the existence of a mechanism for future exploitation. Just as he similarly pledged $3 billion to the UN Green slush fund without the authority, also while on a Chinese trip, the corrupt Obamanistas moved money around and it wound up where he said it would. Congress feigned outrage and had some harsh words for a low-level regime official in hearings but Obama won, the tantrum was all a show for the folks back home.

Obama said of his latest assault on our system of government, “I believe that history will judge today’s efforts as pivotal.”  As it relates to our ability to rein in a rogue dictator and the legitimacy of Congress as the voice and guardian of the American people, he may be right.

If Obama is successful in this perversion of our Constitution, it is a small step for him to make the same declaration as it relates to the UN Small Arms Treaty or to engage in another “treaty that isn’t a treaty” and declare new restrictions on our Second Amendment.

Somewhere, somehow, Congress has to do their job. They have to stand up and say “No.”

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