Dick Morris – Obama Loyalty To Saudis From College Days May Explain Veto


Dick Morris believes that there may have been more to the veto of the Bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia than whatever excuses he was giving about setting a precedent for international suits against the US or any other baloney he expected us to just swallow.

Obama knew the his veto would be overridden when he did it so it would seem to be a irrational action for him to take in the first place. Morris asked, “So the question is why was Obama so loyal to Saudi Arabia that he endangered his presidential prestige by vetoing a bill like that even though he knew that it would probably be overridden? The answer may lie deep in Obama’s past.”

“There is evidence,” says Morris, “That Obama’s tuition, at least at law school and perhaps in college, may have been paid for by the Saudi royal family.” Morris details how there was an article in the Chicago Tribune written by Valerie Jarrett’s dad, a columnist for the paper, saying that the Saudi’s had established a fund for the education of young American black men. It was part of an effort to encourage what Morris describes as a “black Muslim initiative” in the United States.

Is he inferring that Obama is not actually the Christian he’s claimed to have been and that he’s actually a Muslim? That’s a shocking development that nobody could have possibly seen coming. Could that have any impact on his Islamification of the United States jihad and the attitude of the regime in overlooking the Islamic component of Islamic terrorism?

Mr. Morris relays a story told to him by his friend and mayoral candidate for New York Percy Sutton, who was contacted by Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, a representative for one of the wealthiest men in the world, also a Saudi. The point of the call was to get a “really talented genius,” Hussein Obama, into Harvard Law School. Sutton used his connections to get Obama admitted.

Morris further relates that Sutton inferred that the two Saudis “probably followed it up by giving him a significant gift of free tuition. Morris describes his source, Percy Sutton as a very significant figure who would never make stuff like this up and believes the story deserves investigation.

He recommended WND as a source for more information.

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