Dick Morris – Hillary Clinton Supported Border Wall When Her Husband Built His


Dick Morris loves exposing Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy and there’s never any shortage of material for him to work with. Clinton has been railing against Donald Trump throughout the campaign as being a racist because he wants to protect our nation from the Clinton Obama illegal invasion. Of course she knows there’s nothing racist about it, national security and sovereignty are at issue.

False claims are a Clinton staple, so she’ll continue to make them and ignore the fact that Trump is actually posturing to protect us from a foreign invasion that she is enabling. Then there’s the hypocrisy component.

Morris describes it as “The Ultimate Hillary Clinton Hypocrisy,” which is quite a “lofty” distinction, considering the woman is one lie and contradiction after another. He says, “Her whole campaign is based on criticizing Donald Trump for racism because he wants to build a border wall with Mexico. Well, the first border wall with Mexico, a three hundred twenty-five mile long, sometimes twenty feet high, “fence,” was built by Bill Clinton, with Hillary’s strong support, in 1993 and 94.”

Morris says, “There’s a tape of Hillary saying ‘I support this because it’s necessary to stop illegal immigrants from coming to the United States. Bill built the wall from the Pacific Ocean into Arizona along the southern California – Mexican border so that at least California would not have a flood of illegal immigrants coming into it.”

“It was originally, at the time,” says Morris, “seen as the beginning of a wall that would stretch all along the southern border, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. When Hillary was in Congress she voted for the funding to extend the wall. And now all of a sudden the wall is a subject of controversy and an object of racial attack.”

Morris points out, “It wasn’t called a wall back then, it was the border fence. But it wasn’t like a white picket fence. It was barbed wire and concrete and as I said, in some places, twenty feet [sic] high.”

So now the media, should they choose to mimic journalists, should ask Clinton in the next of her non-existent press conferences, if she was a racist like she claims Mr. Trump to be when she was back in the White House supporting her “racist” wall building husband. What was it that caused her to change her view on the issue? Was it the same factor that controls the rest of her decision making, million in Soros and other foreign donations to the Clinton slush fund?

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