DHS Ignores Law Requiring Deception Technology, Frustrates AZ Rep


In a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Wednesday, titled “Shutting Down Terrorist Pathways into America,” the same ineptitude and deliberate obstruction in matters related to national security was again on display. The very name of the hearing is at odds with the Obama – Johnson approach to the terrorist threat to the United States. They work every day to make entry as easy as possible for anyone and everyone regardless of who they are or their intentions. They have no interest in shutting down terrorist pathways.

Rep Martha McSalley (R-AZ) makes the point that she has repeatedly attempted to get those at DHS and the State Department and presumably their UN screeners as well, those who are responsible for approving the entry of unknown persons of questionable intent and background into America, to use “deception detection technology” for screening. The technology works, it is cheap and it is readily available. Yet all she continues to get out of the bureaucrats working for Johnson and Kerry is that they’ll look into it.

The frustrated Congresswoman notes that she is not merely asking that DHS look into its use, it is incorporated into law and was included in 32 recommendations by a bi-partisan task force addressing the shortcomings in our screening process last year.

Again, why would the regime that has greatly accelerated the importation of terrorists under the guise of refugees support the implementation of mechanisms that would become obstructions to their efforts to destroy America from within? It’s much harder if their jihadis are outside the US than if they are committing terrorist acts on our own streets, in our own neighborhoods.

She explains to the panel that “even the best, most highly trained operatives can only detect deception in about 50 percent of the cases when a human being is lying to them.” That means that half of them get through, and they are likely to be the more dangerous portion.

McSalley points out, “There is off-the-shelf technology out there…that can very cheaply and very easily help detect deception, while you’re doing interviews overseas and other places and all the different ways that could be exploited.”

She asks, “What, since the law was signed last year, directing DHS to investigate the use of deception detection technology, what has been done? She given non-answer responses, indicative of and consistent with a bureaucracy that is doing nothing to protect Americans.

Under Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama our borders have been opened up to anyone wanting to come in for a free ride on the American people or to do us harm. They also have not been shy in demonstrating their total lack of respect for the rule of law, particularly the immigration law that Johnson has declared null and void by memorandum.

Rep McSalley must know she’s not going to get anywhere with this group of anti-American turncoats. The only way national security will be pursued is through the elimination of the problems. That is the pair of traitors, Johnson and Obama responsible for the destructive policies. That means the defeat of Hillary Clinton and a victory for Donald Trump and the American people.

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