DHS Admits Refugees In 18% Of ISIS Terror Plots, Convicted Of Terrorism


In Senate Hearings on Thursday, Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Leon Rodriguez spoke proudly of his agency’s record. He said, “The fact is that since September 11th, not a single act of actual terrorist violence has been committed by a refugee who has undergone our screening procedures. There have been individuals who came to the US as children, there are individuals who came a long time ago, before our modern procedures.”

He continues, “But since September 11th, all we have had is conspiracies, not only by refugees but in fact by US born persons, other kinds of immigrants. It’s really an equal opportunity world.” Senator Sessions interrupts, asking, “You don’t count conspiracies?” Rodriguez states in response that since the attempt was interrupted prior to violence taking place, they don’t consider it in their glowing self-evaluations.

It’s worth mentioning that these people tend to follow the lead of DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson and create deception through word-parsing. It is noteworthy that he does not state who is given these screening procedures. They might easily administer one program they call screening, which is given to Italian nuns or their equivalent and another that is labeled “vetting,” “preliminary questionnaire” or anything other than “screening” and then be able to recite those numbers without providing false testimony to Congress. It would be misleading, but every one of them is deceptive; Congress does nothing even when they catch them in a lie.

 Rodriguez says that since they began admitting “Syrian refugees” under the current crisis, seven percent have been denied because of either credibility or security issues identified based upon information from law enforcement intelligence databases and about twice as many placed on hold. Combining those two numbers offers a roughly 80% approval rate. For a terrorist nation in which there are virtually no Christians included among those imported, that’s an awfully high rate to be declared terrorist free.

Senator David Vitter cites a study by Fordham University which established that 18% of all of those involved in ISIS prosecutions were either refugees or asylees. Vitter goes on to dismantle and expose the disingenuous and deceptive nature of Rodriguez’s statement regarding their success. He does so while also noting the careful crafting of statements to create a false impression.

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