Detroit Police Chief Issues Warning

Detroit Police Chief

Detroit Police Chief Issues Warning.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig on Sunday renewed his order for officers to be in a “heightened state” of alert in the wake of the shooting in Baton Rouge where at least three officers were killed.

“Another dark day in policing,” Craig said. “First and foremost an attack on police officers anywhere is an attack on all of us. We are certainly in a heightened state, and we put that information out to our officers. We’re asking all of our officers to be extra vigilant and to be aware of their surrounding.”


“I’m going to visit the precincts today to check in on the officers and make sure they’re OK,” the chief said Sunday.

Craig said the anti-police “rhetoric that has permeated this country recently is empowering some people to engage in this violence against officers.

“I’m thankful most Detroiters have shown support to this department,” the chief said. “But there are a few who still espouse this anti-police rhetoric and even threaten”

Craig said there were threats made against Detroit officers last week, which resulted in four men being arrested, “threats will not be tolerated.”

We will continue to ask prosecutors to charge anyone who threatens police officers. We can’t have that in this climate,” Craig said.

Recent threats to police departments across the country ranged from generic promises of violence to specific video threats. In Dallas, officers swarmed Police Department headquarters last Saturday after a report of a suspicious person in a garage before finally issuing an all-clear.

A Louisiana man was accused of posting a video online showing him in his vehicle behind a police car, saying he wanted to shoot and kill an officer. Police say Kemonte Gilmore flashed a handgun in the video and talked about the slayings of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana.


In Wisconsin, a man posted calls on social media for black men to gun down white officers, and a woman in Illinois threatened in an online video to shoot and kill any officer who pulled her over, police said.

There is no denying that police officers in America are under attack. To deny it will only cost the officers in your district their lives. These officers have absolutely no idea what they are walking into at any moment of the day, added to that all the threats coming in has to make for a horrible day at work. Yet they still go, do the job they swore to do. Only to possibly be the next victim in this anti-police movement that will achieve what? Will it bring back the lives anyone claims were wrongfully taken?

Does taking a life of an innocent officer vindicate the life of a career criminal? The answer to any question I could ask is no! Because if that person were not a criminal they would have never crossed paths with a cop to begin with. If a person chooses to sell drugs, beat on women and run in a gang it is only common sense they will be in direct communication with an officer. They will probably know the while department on a first name basis, which is not a good thing. Police are doing the job they are supposed to do. Protecting the community from these THUGS!!!!

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