Deported Five Times – Criminals, Everyone Laughs At US Immigration Laws


The failures of the federal immigration system, court system, DHS policy makers and “enforcers,” as well as the subversives in the executive branch leadership are being displayed with great clarity once again. Another multiple offender, a five-time previously deported illegal alien criminal has been discovered and arrested inside the United States. The man, Richard Diaz-Garcia, is a citizen of the Dominican Republic. Given his history, one could easily get the impression he believes he’s got a right to live in and is a citizen of Delaware.

Information is now being made public regarding the arrest of Diaz-Garcia in Newark, DE on February 1st. He has previously been arrested and deported four times. The open borders crowd will tell us, Kleenex box in hand, that Richard had a girlfriend and two kids here in the States, which he desperately had to return to. We should ignore our immigration laws on humanitarian grounds, not to do so “is not who we are,” as a big-eared foreigner squatter frequently proclaims.

That’s the problem with having a family in a country you don’t have a right to be in, where you violated the law to enter and every day in which you remain. They shouldn’t be an automatic ticket around the law and the odds are you’re going to get caught and eventually be separated. Relocating the family might be a better option, or the novel concept of applying for a visa and doing things legally.

As it is he fits into the “poor immigrant just here to support his family” demographic that is always pitched by the left and is rarely as simple as they claim. Even when it is that simple, the fact remains that it’s an illegitimate argument. We have borders and immigration laws for a reason. It’s not, as the leftists choose to portray it, to be mean and heartless, but to protect our national sovereignty, culture and our citizens.

Garcia is a criminal by trade, and crime pays well in Delaware. He was apprehended with a money bag containing $5,000 and $393 in his pocket. Diaz-Garcia and what was his money are now in ICE custody.

Diaz-Garcia, the repeat criminal illegal alien, is a career drug dealer and criminal. In 1999 his original arrest and conviction in Delaware was on drug charges, possession with intent to distribute cocaine and resisting arrest. He was subsequently deported to the Dominican Republic in 2000.

He was again detained by New Castle County Police in October of 2002, and charged with resisting arrest and deported two months later.

Two more arrests and deportations took place. One was in May of 2007, for which Diaz-Garcia was sentenced to time served, roughly six months, on a charge of re-entry after deportation by an aggravated felon.  A 2008 arrest was made following the shoplifting of a bottle of men’s cologne from a Sears department store in Wilmington. Drug dealers need to smell pretty while they’re working hard to support their families.

Clearly nobody outside of the American citizenry takes our immigration laws seriously anymore. Those with control over them in the government, both in the executive and legislative branch laugh in the face of the American people, as do the criminals and illegals who know they have nothing to fear.

It’s time that they were given cause for concern. America needs more tent prisons for illegal aliens, with unappealing meals, and longer sentences. The current attitude within the executive branch and Congress towards leniency across the board is the exact opposite of where we should be heading as a nation; by design.

This guy hasn’t killed anyone yet that we are aware of, but there are too many others like him who have. The revolving door at our border is just as deadly as any revolver they might carry stuffed inside their belt of their droopy drawers. These are bad people who don’t belong here.

Lock em up for some serious time and dump em out when it’s served. We owe them nothing.

I’m Rick Wells – a constitutional conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter. –  Please SUBSCRIBE in the right sidebar at or to receive our posts directly. Thank You