Denver Broncos Bus Crash- Guess Who Was Injured!

Denver Broncos Bus Crash- Guess Who Was Injured!

It looks like this Superbowl won’t be starting with safety!

While on their way back to their hotel after practice Monday, the Denver Broncos team buses suffered a collision.

According to CHP, the incident occurred in Sunnyvale around 1:45 p.m. on southbound U.S. Highway 101 near State Route 237.

Initial reports indicated that a small SUV made an unsafe turn. The first 2 vehicles in the team caravan avoided colliding, but the 3 buses behind them did not. They ended up hitting each other.

The crash took place in slow moving traffic. 1 team bus was disabled and had to be towed form the scene.

The players on board were able to relocate to the 2 remaining buses and return to their hotel. Broncos team member Demarcus Ware posted a picture of the crash to his Twitter account with the caption:


Broncos crash pic posted to Twitter

“To keep the day interesting, we have a small wreck. Looks like everyone is ok though.

In addition to the Broncos buses hitting each other, a California Highway Patrol motorcycle that was escorting the team was clipped in the wreck. The CHP motorcycle officer was, somehow, the only person who suffered any harm. He was taken to an area hospital with “minor injuries.”

Both the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers’ players were scheduled to be at the SAP Center in San Jose for the Super Bowl 50 Opening Night later Monday evening. The event was still set to go on as planned.

Perhaps the wreck will serve to inspire the Denver players. Head coach Gary Kubiak would be remiss if he didn’t use it as an example of how his players could take a hit and keep right on going.

The team, I’m sure, brushed off the incident. After all, this was a much smaller wreck than what happened during their last Superbowl appearance.

That said, GO BRONCOS!

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source: NBC