Democrats Getting Desperate, Virginia Gov. Restores Voting Rights To Felons

Democrats Getting Desperate, Virginia Gov. Restores Voting Rights To Felons


democrats getting desperate

The governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe (D) just announced that he is restoring voters rights to criminals who served their sentences and completed their parole or probation, they are now permitted to vote. This can be the ticket for electing a Democrat as our President.

Most convicts who are African-American are core constitutes of the Democratic party. (Terry McAuliffe’s party) Since Virginia is a swing state, this means more votes for them.

There are accusations that it’s a political move on his part in his executive order’s timing. McAuliffe, a dear friend and major fund raiser of the Clinton’s, said that Hillary had no idea he was going to do this.  This action may very well get Hilary elected because she is the most likely Democratic nominee.

The felons can begin voter registration as soon as today.  The governor says they’re going out into Richmond communities to get these people registered, now!

Experts say that with a stroke of his pen, Mr. AcAuliffe has given the felons voters rights which can’t be revoked, even if a new governor rescinds the order for future released prisoners.

There are over 200,000 felons circumventing the Republican-run legislature. McAuliffe stated that this provision, to restrict voting rights for prisoners, was made  during the Civil War era to disenfranchise African-Americans. He said “My message is now I have done my part” for newly eligible voters.

The governor claims he is justified, under expansive legal interpretation of executive clemency authority to take this action.  This ignited a backlash from Virginia Republicans.  They issued a statement immediately accusing the governor of “political opportunism” and a” transparent effort to win votes.”

John Whitbeck, Republican party chairman, said, “Those who paid their debt to society should be allowed full participation in society. But there are limits, Mr. McAuliffe was wrong to issue a blanket restoration of rights, even to those who committed heinous acts of violence.” People who committed murder and rape are now allowed to vote.

My personal take on this is this seems like this is another Democratic dirty con game, just like Obama pulled before his second election.  His “Dreamer act” was “voter bait” for Latino’s to vote Democrat. McAuliffe took a similar action today, only it’s “voter bait” for felons to vote Democrat to get his friend, Hillary Clinton nominated for President.




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