This Anti-Trump Hashtag Is All About Death Threats – And Twitter Allows It!


The Secret Service and the FBI are about to be really busy.  In the days since November 8, when Donald Trump took more than the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the presidency, the people who have gotten into anarchy as a bargaining chip have been looting, rioting, protesting, defacing property and setting fire to the very locales who actually voted FOR his opponent Hillary Clinton.  In addition to the mayhem, the anti-Trump contingent of the Democratic chaos machine has come up with an oh so clever Twitter hashtag that includes a death threat.


Can you say federal crime? As if that wasn’t bad enough, seeing as how assassination threats are illegal and taken quite seriously by the people who are charged with protecting the president, the reality that Twitter is allowing this to be shared makes this writer embarrassed to be from the same hometown as the platform’s founder.

Nicole Mainor, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, declined to comment on the posts directly, citing agency policy.

“The Secret Service does not provide information regarding protective services,” Mainor said.

But a security source told The Post that the Secret Service would investigate all social media postings containing credible threats, adding that there’s a difference between someone saying they’re planning to kill the president and suggesting that someone else should attempt an assassination. Generally, indirect threats are not prosecuted, according to the source, and investigators will “prioritize” them before determining their credibility.

FBI officials declined comment, referring inquiries to the Secret Service.

Considering that any mention of Barack Obama farting was scrubbed from the internet for “cause,” the call for killing a man really should be taken a lot more seriously by the platforms doing the censoring.  No, not everyone is going to like Donald Trump being elected president of the United States.  Many of us out here on the fruited plain didn’t like Barack Obama being elected.  We may have protested, but we did not resort to violence.  Death threats to the man were taken seriously, as they should have been, and were scrubbed from the internet.

Death Threats Are Okay, It Seems, If The Target Is A Republican

Why this round of hatred and death threats toward an American patriot is not being treated equally by the social media platforms is a deathquestion that needs to be answered.

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