DEATH of The Establishment! Trump 2016

DEATH of The Establishment

DEATH of The Establishment! Trump 2016

Someone please explain this… The so called “establishment” of the Republican Party has done nothing but run Donald Trump down since the 2016 election campaign began.
First they ridiculed and belittled him because he would not sign their Loyalty Pledge they ambushed him with at the first debate. When he refused to sign he was not a Republican, he was just there to destroy the GOP and was just trying to take advantage of their resources and money; and what was portrayed as the greatest sin of them all at the time… He was UNWILLING to pledge his support for whoever the winner was, regardless of who the winner was.
In a short period of time after considering the terms of the Pledge, he signed the Pledge.
After winning the GOP Primary and becoming the candidate the PEOPLE chose, the Pledge suddenly was not all that important to the others in the GOP. He received WEAK endorsements, DELAYED endorsements, and NO endorsements.
Deceased Establishment
Aside from the minimal desire by anyone to endorse him, there were also the “Never Trump” people who fought harder than the Democrats to bring him down.
He survived the constant attacks through the primary, and all of the elitist in the GOP had excuse after excuse why they could not, and would not support Trump and declared themselves righteous for doing so.
NOW that he is returning the favor and does not feel inclined to jump on the bandwagon to support those who have had their backs to him since he entered the race, he is some sort of traitor for not endorsing anyone with a R after their name.
The pundits have been sitting around talking about how he would never win the Primary if he didn’t start acting more “presidential” presuming to know what he had to say and how he had to say it if he was going to win… Well, he left a trail of SIXTEEN of arguably the most brilliant politicians in the country pouting and crying behind him as he plowed right over them. How did he get past them all? The PEOPLE voted for him! Apparently it’s true, the people don’t really know what they want or what’s best for them… According to the establishment elitist anyway…
Donald Trump has said some things that have left some people with hurt feelings along the way and unlike the professional politicians, he just speaks to people… He doesn’t have people writing his every sentence out for him, or a traveling staff of pollsters evaluating everything he wears, says, and does… He is not looking down on the American people, he is looking at them and talking with them, not at them.

The political elite and pretentious pricks do not know how to handle this… He is not playing by their rules. They speak as if he had better start behaving or they are going to put him in time out, or send him to his room…

These people seem to have forgotten–if they ever knew–the plan this nation’s founding fathers laid out for us. The founders NEVER intended for professional politician to become a profession. We were to be a government of the people and by the people governed by the citizen politician… They intended for people to SERVE the nation for whatever term they were elected, then return to their lives and live with the people they have represented. They did not become millionaires several times over, nor did they intend for those elected to represent the people, to gain such wealth from public service. In fact, most served at great expense and personal loss and were honored for such opportunity.
Donald Trump has the support of the American people, a great deal of them right now… He has attracted Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents… He has gained this support mostly through his abrasive upfront demeanor… The American people are sick of politicians that do interviews on Sunday and then spend the rest of the week trying to explain what they “really meant.”
I don’t believe the average American expects whoever becomes president to be perfect — and God knows Donald Trump has faults… What is nice to see for a change though, is someone who owns their faults and does not try to please everyone all the time while portraying themselves as PERFECT… Donald Trump is rough around the edges… He has failed, but we also know he has stood himself back up… Real people understand failure is a big part of success. Those who have never failed, have never achieved anything great, or to their full potential.
American politicians have been letting the people of this country get kicked around and taken advantage of for way too long… I say it’s about time we get someone in office that reminds the world we are not their punching bag, or free security blanket. The pretentious establishment politicians are coming unglued because Trump said it is time for NATO members to pay their dues, or provide for themselves. How “unpresidential” of him! Trump must not realize how important all those NATO member countries are to us… After all, where would we be as a nation without Albania and their population of nearly 3 million supporting our national security. God only knows what would happen if we quit picking up the slack for them, providing their diplomats with free housing and free facilities to maintain an embassy in our country. Or worse yet, could you imagine Estonia pulling out? That would be devastating to our national security! The 1.3 plus or minus million people that inhabit that strategic coastal country are vital to our ability to maintain security in the region and provides us with a valuable observation point that enables us to intercept threats that may be headed our way… We should just forget about their dues… They have us over a barrel, Trump is just obviously too stupid to realize the importance of their great nation.

$20 Trillion in debt and the establishment arm of the GOP wants to run Trump out of town for saying he will not continue to pay for the security of other nations… Do we really want to listen to people who would discourage the next president, regardless of who it is, from insisting others pay their own way? We can not afford to continue being everything to everyone on our dime and Trump is the first one to even run for public office that has had the cojones to say enough is enough!
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To all these people who keep saying Trump needs to do this or that, or think they know better how he should speak to the people… Enjoy your miserable lives! Utopia does NOT exist, success is not possible without failure, and there is no way in hell any one man will ever make all 300 plus million American’s happy in everything they say or do… That man was crucified a couple thousand years ago…
God Bless America,         next_icon