More Dead From Obama Johnson Open Border – Four Teenage Girls, 1 Man Die In Crash


Once again the open border policies of Hussein Obama and Jihadi Jeh Johnson have resulted in the loss of life. This time it wasn’t the innocent Americans that are so often victimized by the federal government program of sanctioned invasion but the invaders themselves.

One man and four teenage girls were killed when the driver of a van they were being smuggled in, loaded down with 26 passengers, lost control on a curve at approximately 70 mph, flipping over, rolling, and ejecting the occupants. 21 were injured, six of them treated at a local hospital.

The accident took place at around 8:50 p.m. on the Reynosa-Monterrey highway in General Bravo, Mexico, south of McAllen, TX. The driver of the van, which had no license plates, was uninjured and was picked up by someone in a truck, having fled the scene with dead and critically injured people lying about in need of help. The injured were forced to stop passing traffic along the highway in order to obtain help.

The illegal aliens we en route to Texas from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and other Central American countries as part of the Obama fundamental transformation, social engineering project to eliminate the white majority in America. One man passing by shortly after the accident from Monterrey, 32-year-old Victor Paredes Espinosa, stopped to offer assistance to the injured. He was performing CPR on a young girl when she died.

Just because they weren’t Americans that were killed as the result of the subversion of Johnson and Obama, the situation they have created is still horrendous and it is the magnet that attracted these individuals with the knowledge that once they make it to America they’re home free. Nobody in this government will lift a finger to enforce the laws that don’t advance their agenda.

So they answered Jeh Johnson’s “come to America” propaganda by doing just that, and dying in the process. Nothing will happen, no charges or articles of impeachment will be filed against the traitors in the executive branch. None of the gutless jellyfish in Congress will do a thing to hold the criminal Obama regime accountable. They’re busy getting reelected right now, to another term of doing absolutely nothing for the American people.

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