DC Madam Lawyer Will Release Names, Records On Dead Man Switch, Supreme Court May Rule


Last Friday Rachel Maddow addressed what she called the “wonderings and whispering” about the names on the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s, customer list. She notes that because of a restraining order, nobody “really ever thought those names would ever see the light of day.” She then goes on to reveal that something seems to have changed on that front with more changes to come.

The lawyer for Ms Palfrey, who has custody of the records and the 815 names that are included among them, has pledged that due to national importance, their relevance to the 2016 presidential race, he feels obligated and compelled to release the records, and will do so in violation of the court order if necessary. He’s made applications to the US District Court which was the source of the original restraining order, the US Circuit Court of Appeals in DC, and the United States Supreme Court.

Maddow says that the lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, has taken measures so that he isn’t found hanging by his neck in a shed as was the case with his former client, Ms Palfrey. He’s installed a sort of dead man switch to PDF files containing the records, which are stored at four different locations, on four different servers. If a period of 72 hours passes without Mr. Sibley performing a particular function, a countdown switch will email a website address to two dozen journalists across the country simultaneously providing them with complete access to all 815 names and information. Sibley told US News and World Reports, “If I die, disappear, whatever; they will be out.”

A second important development occurred, with the Supreme Court agreeing to put his request on their docket. Maddow treats this as a positive development, which it may ultimately prove to be, but we must remember that Chief Justice Roberts and Ted Cruz go way back and since the motivation for the revelations, that person of national import could likely be the Texas Senator, it’s doubtful as to whether Roberts could remain objective. He could even now be running judicial interference for his good friend, who first recommended Roberts to assist Bush with the 2000 Florida recount and later supported him enthusiastically, both vocally and in an op-ed for his present position of Chief Justice.

Cruz has been the target of many recent accusations of sexual indiscretions, including the 8 mistress story in the National Enquirer as well as him being identified in a tweet that was attributed to the hacktivist group Anonymous as the mystery man at the heart of this DC Madam controversy.

Sibley doesn’t appear to be willing to allow himself to be played by Roberts, becoming the victim of another one of his surprise moves, given his unpredictability and apparent willingness to act on behalf of special interests over the national interest and the law. He did twice with Obamacare.

Sibley sent a message to MSNBC which left no doubt as to what actions he will take, regardless of the outcome of the court deliberations. He said, “Trusting the Chief Justice will promptly make his ruling and allow me to file my request to modify the restraining order which prevents my release of the DC Madam’s records, I will be taking no action with those records until he rules. If I am denied the right to file and receive a hearing on my motion to modify the restraining order, then yes, I will release the records of the DC Madam relevant to this Presidential election.”

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