Was Dallas The Beginning Of Obama’s Third Term?

Last night in Dallas, members of their police department were blatantly attacked.  They were executed by a sniper.  Shooters armed with high powered rifles sat in nests and waited for their prey.  It was just the latest in a number of ongoing incidents between police and what amounts to mercenaries who are attacking them.  This is not the America most of us know and want.  But, maybe, it is the America that Barack Obama and his supporters want.  Why is this so easy to believe?  Multiple polls of Democrats say so:

Data provided to The Hill by the conservative polling outlet WPA Research found that 67 percent of Democrats would take a third term for Obama over a potential Clinton administration.

Only 28 percent said they’re ready to move on from the Obama White House, while 6 percent are undecided….

A Washington Post-ABC News survey released this week found Obama’s net approval rating approaching 80 points in positive territory among Democrats….*

Sort of stunning when one thinks about it.  A large percentage of Democrats would rather have the status quo of chaos, police shootings, an astronomical murder rate in Chicago, and sinking international clout than replace Obama.  Which leads to the inevitable question of how that can be accomplished since third terms are no longer constitutionally allowed.  There is only one way: Martial Law and the suspension of the presidential election in November.

It is what so many of us have feared since the group #BlackLivesMatter burst on the scene almost two years ago.  In the succeeding months the mainstream media refused to report most of the background on the group, but intrepid journalism on the parts of the alternative media did bring to light that BLM is being largely supported by George Soros through his non-profits donating to seed groups.  We also know, thanks to the blogs including Politico and Western Journalism, that some big name billionaires were part of a meeting in December to discuss strategy when it comes to BLM and their tactics.

According to Essence magazine, Google is also helping to fund the Black Lives Matter movement, giving $2.35 million in grants to activist organizations addressing the “racial injustices that have swept the nation.”

Now, Politico reports that “some of the biggest donors on the left plan to meet behind closed doors next week in Washington with leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and their allies to discuss funding for the burgeoning protest movement.”

The major liberal donor group Democracy Alliance (DA) will be holding its annual meeting from Tuesday evening through Saturday morning in Washington, and meetings will be held to discuss funding the movement.

Wealthy donors including Tom Steyer and Paul Egerman are expected to attend the DA annual meeting.

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Steyer, a hedge fund billionaire, gave the most to political campaigns of any single person in the 2014 midterm elections, contributing a whopping $74 million–almost three times as much as the second biggest donor, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg gave $27.7 million.

The DA was started in 2005 by major liberal donors, including George Soros and Taco Bell heir Rob McKay, who hoped to build a permanent infrastructure to support leftist causes.

That was December.  Fast forward to June when the Twitter accounts of two BLM activists were hacked.   The full transcripts of the discussion are available at D.C. Clothesline.  However, this quote sums it up. “Have you spoken with Mrs. Lynch [Attorney General Loretta Lynch] recently about the plan for the summer and fall leading up to the elections.”  On the Friday morning after the Dallas sniper shootings, the Republican presumptive nominee for president, Donald Trump, cancelled his campaign appearance in Miami, and followed up with a touching statement of condolence to the people of Dallas.

As the 2016 election season has unfolded, the narrative pushed by Democrats and the mainstream media – that Donald Trump’s rhetoric is causing a racial backlash – has taken hold among Democrats, and especially Obama supporters.  That rallying cry is being used despite first-hand experiences to the contrary as given by the very people who actually interact with Donald Trump.  It is also melding with the attacks on the police patrolling the streets of the nation.  The men and women who have offered their lives to protect the rest of us.  With their power neutralized, the nation does stand lawless.

(Yes, this is probably why the federal government has been buying up arms left and right.  Take a guess which non-military agency of the government has the biggest arsenal.  The answer WILL shock you.  Details here.)

So, given the perfect storm of facts, rhetoric, scenario, and not so plain old coincidence and ask the hard question:

Is this really the beginning of a third Barack Obama term whether the people want it or not?

*The polls also indicate support for Hillary Clinton is plummeting – and this was before she skated on any espionage charges related to using an unsecure, personal server for work email while she was Secretary of State.

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