It’s What Cruz Did And The Way He Did It – Toying With The Audience


Lou Dobbs was on a microphone with two of his colleagues covering the Republican National Convention when Ted Cruz surprised them all by refusing to endorse Donald Trump. They were also witnessing firsthand the booing that was being showered upon the Texas Senator by what they described as a furious crowd.

Dobbs can be heard commenting to his coworkers, “That’s amazing, or is it?” As everybody inside is digesting what just happened, Lou says, “This is remarkable and I think we should take a look if we could at the room, this arena. Uh, Charlie, Trish, this is incredible to have watched a man reach to literature to talk about a love of life and a life lived with love. He had the perfect moment to show love. He had the perfect moment to demonstrate those words and he descended to a level of farce. It is remarkable.”

Dobbs continues, “He was grinning just when he uttered those words. I have never seen the likes of it.” He says, “I truly believe that what you have seen with the entrance of Donald Trump at the very moment that he chose, entering with this thumb up, saying it’s okay and taking control of the room, because he did. As he stepped away from a podium where he was cheered roundly as he talked about freedom and talked about the principles that matter so much to this room.”

They note that it could have been a great speech but Cruz couldn’t bring himself to say the words. Dobbs says, “What he did today was to alienate even his supporters in this room. This man behaved in the most petty and petulant. And I have to tell you, to bring up those five police officers and then with a grin on his face and to manipulate this room suggests to me that a huge percent of his supporters just turned on this man.”

Charlie Gasparino says of Cruz, “He’s duplicitous, is he going to vote for Hillary Clinton?” Dobbs offers his view, saying, “I think a lot of people don’t care anymore what he does.” Asked if he thinks Cruz supporters will turn on him, Dobbs replied, “Oh I believe they will. You saw it in this room. There are people up here on this deck who had been cheering him. And they were sort of, as the realization crept across the crowd you could see they didn’t know what to make of it.”

Trish Regan considers the sinister nature of Ted Cruz, saying, “If you’re Ted Cruz and all you care about is your own political career, you don’t want him to win because you want to swoop in in 2020.” Dobbs says maybe he was making a conscious effort to end his political career, that’s the only thing that makes sense to him.


Of course we remember from the primaries that Heidi and Ted Cruz are a team, they do everything together so surely they plotted jointly in this little fiasco. With that in mind, the rude comments in the short video clip as she is leaving to a cascade of boos almost seem appropriate. Her globalist ties at Goldman Sachs haven’t been forgotten and Trump is going to remove her employer from their position of power over politics. As she is leaving one of the hecklers seems to ask her who she’s working for. That’s a good question.

Maybe these two are still trying to take Trump down to benefit Hillary Clinton, the darling of Goldman Sachs, the woman who was paid $675K for three speeches. Cruz was their last horse running on the GOP side; Goldman’s last Republican standing.

To the untrained ear it sounds like the comments are “B**ch still won’t divorce him,”  “for the money,” “Goldman Sachs” and some indistinguishable comments. Former Virginia Attorney General and Cruz insider Ken Cuccinelli escorted Heidi Cruz out of the room. He had been at the forefront of the last ditch attempt to secure a rules change in favor of the sleazy Canadian, the only previous moment of conflict in the Convention.

Good riddance.

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