UNREAL: Cruz Not Pulling Out, Lectures Trump On How To Win – VIDEO

Okay, it officially got weird.  After losing New York – and not just losing but losing BADLY – and being mathematically eliminated from any path to the Republican nomination for president, Senator Ted Cruz just isn’t giving up.  Not only is he not giving up, but today at an event Raphael “Ted” Cruz, called Donald Trump a “niche” candidate.  Check this out:

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Gjs-95NfU5A” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”640″]

I got the willies watching that. Oily, oily, oily.  YUCK!

What Teddy, his sycophants and the rest of the GOPe crowd are trying to obfuscate with the political double speak rhetoric of what’s up is down, and one must assemble a majority, yada, yada, yada is that the system of how DELEGATES are going to vote has now been exposed.  And the reality that this may have been part of Trump’s master plan from the beginning doesn’t seem to be dawning on them.

“He can’t win a majority and he knows he can’t win a majority.”

Actually, given that the general election hasn’t happened yet, we don’t know that.  And due to the nature of closed primaries, the only thing that 2016 has proven is that within the party, the people at the top don’t want him to be president, and so Cruz is saying that he is a niche candidate who can only get a third of the vote in any one state, and can’t expand on it?  Given the voting, er, irregularities that have cropped up in the places where actual voting occurred, and that there were up to 17 candidates in the early states drawing a lot of votes, that statement holds no water.  The proof of it has yet to happen.

“To win you’ve got to be able to bring in the voters other than the hard core base of Donald Trump.”

Did this oily Shakespearean debate king really just say that?  About the man who is getting the most people to the polls in the United States since Ronald Reagan, and most of them not traditional Republicans, just your run of the mill, salt of the earth sorts who are sick of being stepped on by the political class?

“The Trump campaign wants to distract from substance.”

Talk about %$#@!&* hypocritical!  Last year, before ANY voting happened and the people were not clued in on how the system has been put together to keep the parties’ interests front and center rather than the country’s, Donald Trump was the one bringing up jobs, the southern border, ObamaCare, the VA, and the like.  Not the other Republican candidates.  All they wanted to talk about was foreign policy as it relates to war, which is bankrupting us right next to free trade.

“41 days since we’ve had a Republican debate.”

Who cares.  Debates are boring, and they demonstrate how well the people debating can memorize, and how they look while under pressure.  That’s it.  Most people haven’t missed them.  Trump’s positions are the the classic policies of “America first.” There needs to be no other defense.  Cruz just wants to debate because he feels comfortable there rather than being in one on one interviews on television, and answering questions off the cuff.  More than one television personality says Cruz won’t be on their show, but he’ll show up at any debate.

“He has no substantive economic proposals.”

It would be nice if Trump’s tax code was a little more flat than it is, but he talks about fair trade and using the tariff to protect American interests again.  It’s not raising a tax on Americans, per se, but leveling the playing field.  He also wants to cut the corporate tax rate and use money to keep businesses from defecting to other countries, not simply making it illegal to move a headquarters.  Ted wants a VAT by another name.  By definition in the tax scheme, that’s dishonest.

Ted, you’re done.  You’re not going to be president.  There’s no way.  The party leaders don’t want you any more than they want Trump.  We get it.  Pull out.  Enough.

H/T – Gateway Pundit

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