Cruz And “Never Trump” Give Bitter Clingers A Bad Name


There were plenty of fireworks in the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland with the Ted Cruz supporters not hesitating to diminish themselves, their party and the candidate with more of their trademark dirty tricks. The chief offenders operating from the floor included establishment Utah Senator Mike Lee. They appear to all be directing their efforts towards the unlikely prospect of getting Lee’s Canadian friend, Ted Cruz, nominated this year, but more towards the election in 2020. They don’t mind making asses of themselves in the process, having already lost in the rules committee meetings.

Unsurprisingly, the Colorado delegation, one which was hand-selected by the Cruz camp during the primary to the exclusion of Mr. Trump, was the most vocal and actually walked out in protest. They objected to the voice vote method in which their last-ditch effort to insert their candidate and unbind bound delegates was rejected.

The never trump diehards were clearly involved in what took place, with one former United States Senator, Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire, calling the tactics and the Trump supporters who employed them “brown shirts.” They should speak so sharply of the squatter in the White House.


Considering the manipulation and thievery of delegates and abuse of process that was employed by the Ted Cruz campaign during the primary, the irony is rich that they are now crying foul over what they claim to have been a strong arm abuse of process. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

Now might be a good time to insert a citizenship verification and document access plank into the rules to see if it remains or how vehemently  it is challenged should Cruz attempts to become the party nominee once again in 2020.

The Constitution, unlike party rules, is not subject to change every four years. Canadians will still be “officially” excluded. Unless the current policy of non-verification of citizenship for presidential candidates remains in place, the reality will still be quite different.

That type of rule change discussion would have likely prompted the Cruz and “never Trump” people to employ Black Lives Matter tactics in order to preserve their illegitimate avenue into the White House.

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