GET LOST! Cruz’s Primary Backers Push Him Over The Cliff

During the height of the primary fight between Ted Cruz, and Republiucan presidential candidate Donald Trump, this writer expounded on Teddy’s dependence on a single donor.  That billionaire’s name is Robert Mercer.  He is a HIGHLY successful hedge fund manager and Wall Street titan for all his eccentricities.  Mercer owns Breitbart, which until recently was in the tank for Cruz, and has helped the senator from Texas quite a bit.

Well, over the weekend, via THE NEW YORK TIMES, Mercer and his daughter, both highly influential donors in the Republican Party, had a statement published that just piles on the disappointment from Cruz’s former supporters:

“Last summer and again this year, Senator Ted Cruz pledged to support the candidacy of the nominee of the Republican Party, whomever that nominee might be,” the Mercers, who rarely comment in the news media, said in the statement to The New York Times. “We are profoundly disappointed that on Wednesday night he chose to disregard this pledge.”

The statement continued: “The Democratic Party will soon choose as their nominee a candidate who would repeal both the First and Second Amendments of the Bill of Rights, a nominee who would remake the Supreme Court in her own image. We need ‘all hands on deck’ to ensure that Mr. Trump prevails.”

“Unfortunately,” the statement added, “Senator Cruz has chosen to remain in his bunk below, a decision both regrettable and revealing.”

Even if Cruz himself doesn’t see the writing on the wall, his donors and a lot of former backers do.  This was no ordinary rebuke.  This was a signal to the echo chamber of Cruzbots that it’s time to abandon ship.  Already, Erick Erickson has joined the Trump train.  Other pundits backed financially by Mercer are sure to follow as the focus shifts to keeping Hillary Clinton from being elected.  (See Sundance on this topic.)

As this is being written, the Democratic National Committee’s Convention is taking place in Philadelphia, and all hell is breaking loose inside that party due to the release of thousands of emails that show just how rigged the system is.  Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 did the heavy lifting there, but the reality is that the people who supported Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination are now up in arms.  There was a true effort to keep Sanders from coming close to Hillary from inside the Party, which violates party rules.

Is Cruz so damaged now that he is finished as a politician?  That remains to be seen, but with such a public disowning by his most ardent financial backers, the possibility became far more probable.

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