Cruz Dodges On Integrity – Hannity: “You’ve Got To Stop This” – Answer The Question


Sean Hannity plays a sort of nonsense question from a Good Morning America town hall in which Ted Cruz is asked whether or not he would be willing to be Donald Trump’s Vice President. His negative response is the last straight answer the candidate offers in what remains of their fifteen minutes. As he filibusters and evades the question that Hannity tries desperately to get an answer to, Cruz demonstrates the benefit of being born with a hybrid nasal snorkel, the fact that he doesn’t have to stop to take breaths while he’s talking.

Hannity asks his question about the delegate pirating, a topic which Cruz clearly doesn’t want to discuss almost as much as his lack of citizenship. He asks him about the process by which the Cruz campaign is “talking to delegates and it seems to be very extensive. Can you explain to people what is going on?” Those delegates are not Cruz delegates but Trump and other pledged delegates he’s maneuvering for and attempting to coerce second and subsequent round defections.

Cruz replies, “Sean, with all respect, that’s not what people are concerned about” and then presses the play button on his stump speech. He labels the objections to his underhanded tactics as silly whining about the process from the Trump campaign.” Hannity interrupts the redirect and dismissing of his question with his own observations, saying, “Senator, I’m on social media with millions of people. I have 550 radio stations and I have the top rated cable show in my hour all across the board. And I am telling you that people are telling me that that they find this whole process confusing.”

He maintains that people want to know “what actually happened in Georgia this weekend.” He says, “That is an important question, because I think most people would like to know how this works. And I really am asking you, it’s more than a process question, it’s an integrity of the election question and everybody’s asking me this question. So I’m giving you an opportunity to explain it.”

Of course, explaining his lack of integrity is the last thing the Canadian Rafael Eduardo Cruz wants to do. He chooses to discount and deny what Hannity is experiencing, saying it’s only the Trump supporters who are asking. This frustrates Hannity, who tells Cruz, “Why do you do this? Every single time; no, you’ve got to stop. Every time I have you on the air and I ask a legitimate question, you try to throw this in my face. I’m getting sick of it. I’ve had you on more than any other candidate on radio and TV. So if I ask you Senator a legitimate question to explain to the audience, why don’t you just answer it?”

The long winded Cruz responds sarcastically by asking if he can answer the question without being interrupted. What that actually means is if he can deliver his talking points without being redirected back to the question.

After patting himself on the back for “winning” five elections, Cruz criticizes Trump’s organization and tells Hannity that the creator of the multi-billion dollar enterprise doesn’t know how to run a lemonade stand.

That’s partially true, in that he chooses not to run a sleazy, corrupt lemonade stand, along the lines of the Cruz campaign.

Hannity tries again, quoting Politico regarding the delegate “bloodbath” that the Cruz campaign carried out upon the Trump delegates and the belief, apparently mistaken, by most Americans, that once an election is decided, the process and the support is determined.

Cruz goes on to repeat his talking points and vigorously pat himself on the back while taking full advantage of his hybrid snorkel, never taking a breath as he talks virtually unstopped for the remainder of the tortuous interview.

Sean Hannity is a stronger man than many of us who would have screamed into the microphone something along the lines of, “Can you just shut answer the damn question?” or directed in such a manner as to more specifically identify him as violating the integrity of the process and the sanctity of the vote of the American people.

Hannity might want to ask Cruz about what specific piece of documentation he used to establish his American citizenship, who that was presented to and when. Then he’ll really hear some whining, on the part of the Canadian, as to that being only of interest to the Trump campaign. That’s true, as the Cruz supporters either don’t care that Cruz is the second coming of Obama or are useful idiots who believe it couldn’t possibly happen again.

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