Criminal Murderer Illegal Aliens Go To Prison, Feds Remain At Large


On April 9th or 10 of last year, two illegal aliens, Edson Benitez and Reinol Vegara, although their names aren’t important, illegal border trash is enough of a description, broke into the home of 90-year-old Earl Olander. They went to Olander’s home with the intent of robbing and murdering him, which they did. Olander was attacked as he lay sleeping on his couch, covered, bound and beaten by the two illegals. They then ransacked his home as he lay dying, suffering for hours from the beating.

The pair knew that Olander would be an easy mark, as he had recently hired one of them to paint his house. That, as it turns out, was a fatal mistake. It’s no surprise that the two were in the country illegally, working illegally and not being pursued for deportation by DHS, illegally. Criminal DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson has declared immigration laws to be null and void, but even in the previous Bush and Clinton administrations employer sanction enforcement was minimal.

Both of these illegal criminals were working when they were arrested, a reality that should have immediately resulted in multi-thousand dollar fines for their employers. There were no fines levied. You’re more likely to be struck by lightning and hit a hole in one on the same day than be fined for violating the 1986 Reagan amnesty statutes.

Each of the illegals was sentenced to 37 years and 5 months, which will put them near 60 by the time they are eligible for parole. Afterwards they are subject to the same deportation that didn’t take place prior to the murder. Two lifetimes on the taxpayer dime and one nice old man dead are the result of the deliberate lawless acts of the Obama/Johnson criminal syndicate.

Fittingly, it was Earl’s Bible, which was discovered by a cleaning person after one of the illegals moved from his apartment, and the savings bonds tucked inside that helped investigators track down the killers.

Once again the criminals in suits that are responsible for so much carnage, damage and heartache to American families continue to roam freely, waging their war against the American people and our nation from the comfort of their taxpayer provided offices. Americans continue to die and lose their jobs and wages as the criminal elites raise their middle finger to the citizens of this nation.

We’ve got middle fingers too, Mr. Obama, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Saldana and Mr. Kerry and they are fixed in the raised position to all of you. We also have ballots. Our votes will expel the trash such as you from the posts you illegitimately now hold and you will pay for your crimes against these families and our nation.

Enjoy your last year of freedom. We’ll be relocating you to more fitting accommodations as well, ones with guards and metal doors, the same type as these two thug associates of yours now occupy. We’re taking our country back and despite your beliefs to the contrary, you are not above the law.

It takes a lot longer, but we’ll get you; count on it.

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