Coulter – Ryan Lucky Trump Is Gracious, Doesn’t Have To Be


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews notes that Dr. Ben Carson is playing a key role for the Trump campaign in reaching out to Rep Paul Ryan and as requested a meeting of his own in advance in order to pave the way.

Matthews declares himself to not be a big fan of meetings, that he doesn’t know what they accomplish. Meetings are often productive for other people but Matthews hasn’t yet grasped the concept of two way conversation, a critical component of successful conversation, including during the conduct of meetings.

He reassures his panelist that he is neither frightened nor excited, his legs being tingle free. He asks if Trump is coming in as the job applicant, seeking the approval of the Washington big shots or as the boss.

After one empty answer Matthews notes that the meeting participants have had innumerable opportunities to glean the Trump positions over the course of the last year, and asks if it is a probable of them simply not liking what they heard, how is that likely to change.

Coulter agrees with Matthews, saying, “I think it shows that Trump is being unbelievably gracious. He doesn’t need to have this meeting. He is the party; he is the heart and soul of the party. And I think he could have just said, ‘hope he comes aboard, we’re going to have a lot of fun, but if he doesn’t, oh well.’”

She adds, “So no, I think it is very nice but I don’t think he should waste a lot of time on these meetings going forward. He has a general election to run but the people are with him and there’s no point in meeting with all of these generals without armies.

Steve Schmidt points out that the Republican voters have spoken and they’ve let their utter contempt for the establishment be known. He says, “Donald Trump arrives to this meeting as a conqueror of the status quo Republican political order over the last generation.” He adds that Trump needs to unify the Republican Party, he’s got to do well with independents and he must pick up his fair share of conservative working class Democrats.

All of those are already happening with the major impediment being the establishment who is more focused on retaining their personal power structure than what is best for the nation. Trump is in the process of educating Mr. Ryan and others in the futility represented by those endeavors.

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