Coulter – Clinton 3rd World Imports Stealing Huge Amounts Thru Benefit Fraud

Ann Coulter describes “one of the wonderful things about Donald Trump is this attack on political correctness and it is so much more than specific words. It is the political correctness that teaches Americans that we have the worst culture, we are the most oppressive, we oppress all of these poor, third world hordes pouring into our country, that we’re corrupt and dishonest, when the truth is pretty much exactly the opposite.”

She says, “By and large, Anglo-Saxon Americans, black Americans, the traditional Americans, pre- the third world hordes coming in, are the most honest, the most respectful of women, children, the vulnerable, the elderly, the unborn. So when we’re bringing in immigrants from vastly different cultures, we’re just inevitably bringing in a lot more corruption and a lot more criminality.”


The host describes an FBI undercover agent’s visit to a halal market in which he pretended to be a new arrival to the US and then is given assistance in committing every type of fraud imaginable in order to obtain social services, including Social Security Disability fraud.

The list of goodies included earned income tax credits in spite of never having worked in the US, lying about not knowing English so that he could be paid to attend school rather than work, Disability, EBT, SNAP and WIC. He notes, “They’re not coming to the United States to work,” which would be bad enough in displacing American worker, “they’re coming to the United States to steal. Why would you want to import people like this?”

Coulter replies that “Americans have no immunity to these sorts of crimes because by and large your traditional American criminal is dumb, commits obvious crimes, leaves evidence all over, we understand the motive, it’s usually some crap-ass motive about some petty amount. But many other cultures, every single level of society is criminal. So now we’re getting smart criminals coming in, figuring out how to work the system and stealing from Medicare and Medicaid.”

She says, “I mean I’m sorry but Trump is right. We don’t need Paul Ryan cutting back on Social Security and cutting back on Medicare and cutting back on Medicaid. What we need is Donald Trump to stop this dump of low-wage workers and third-world very backward cultures on the country. They’re bringing in their elderly relatives, immediately going on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.”

Coulter adds, “And also, an awful lot of them, more than our native born, are committing massive fraud.”

It’s worth noting that as incredible as the numbers and the abuse is at present, Clinton is on the record as wanting to increase Islamic imports by 550% and legalize anyone who wanders across our border. She might was well be shouting “Death To America.”

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