Corrupt DHS Honors The Enemy, Pro-Illegal Agitator Lawyer Given Service Award

Corrupt DHS Honors The Enemy, Pro-Illegal Agitator Lawyer Given Service Award

It’s not even a matter of sending mixed messages anymore. The Department of Homeland “Security” under this pretend ‘president’ and his henchman Secretary, Jihadi Jeh Johnson, is an anti-American mechanism for the breaching of every aspect of the security of our nation. That reality is unmistakable.

 It is being operated as an instrument through which the laws of the United States are circumvented, ignored, violated and nullified as a criminal act by not only Obama and Johnson, but Sarah Saldana, Leon Rodriguez, Alejandro Mayorkas, Gil Kerlikowske and many, many others within DHS who deliberately act in a hostile manner against the interests of the United States. The fact that these criminals are not yet behind bars is only a statement of the depth to which the corruption has permeated our hijacked government.


As if ordering our Border Patrol agents to release invaders and become nursemaids is not enough of a slap in the face, DHS held an award ceremony on Thursday honoring one of the primary non-governmental operatives against secure borders. She’s a person who would normally be viewed as an adversary by any administration that was actually interested in securing this nation from an illegal invasion. The award is called the “Outstanding American by Choice” award, a ridiculous name for an award that creates a mockery of the agency bestowing it.

The annual award, presented by the subversives at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is described as an effort to recognize the “significant contributions and achievements of a naturalized” American citizen. Those achievements don’t have to be in a positive manner, apparently, in the tradition of Time magazine naming Hitler their person of the year, but they should be.

Today’s recipient runs a billion dollar charity dedicated to helping illegal aliens skirt the law and remain in the United States. The traitor to this nation, who should instead be having her naturalized status revoked by DHS, is Antonia Hernandez. She’s a “civil rights” lawyer that litigates on behalf of illegals for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF).

MALDEF also agitates in favor of free college tuition for illegals and the lowering of educational standards so they can get into and not flunk out of college.  As noted by Judicial Watch, “The group’s leadership says it’s racist to make English the country’s official national language and inhumane to protect the southern border with a fence.” Aside from the destructive nature of their actions, DHS is embracing the labeling of their agents as brutal racists and commending the labeling of them as such.

What in the world is DHS doing honoring this despicable person who’s loyalty clearly lies with her race and not with the nation who’s laws she is countermanding? Why not find someone who patrols the border on their own time or turned in illegals working in the United States, resulting in their criminal employer being thrown into jail for a few months? There are laws on the books requiring that those actions be taken, but these outlaw officials ignore and demean our laws.

 Judicial Watch also makes the point that the award Hernandez is being given is supposedly given to someone who demonstrates “their commitment to this country and to the common civic values that unite us all as Americans.” The common values of destroying the United States and breaking as many laws as possible do unite a large percentage of Democrats, but far from all Americans. They should have kept looking.

Once Mr. Trump is elected, every significant member of this regime as well as those in Congress who empowered and enabled their lawless rampage against this country, should be immediately arrested and prosecuted for treason. The prescribed sentences should then be carried out immediately as per the Constitution.

These people are engaging in an attack on our nation. They are the enemy within. They must be treated as such.


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