Off-Duty Cop Saves Woman- Proves The Taser Is Mightier Than The Knife

cop uses taser to save woman

Off-Duty Cop Saves Woman- Proves The Taser Is Mightier Than The Knife

A trooper’s job is never done. He has no way of knowing when he will have to put his wits, his courage, or even his taser to use in service of the public.

Kentucky State Trooper Jeff McWhorter learned this on his way home from a shift on Monday.

While traveling on I-64 after getting off work for the day, a situation caught McWhorter’s attention.

An SUV was pulled over to the side of the road. A man was attempting to pull a woman from the vehicle.

McWhorter brought his car up behind the SUV. From there he was able to see the male subject was now on top of the female. The man appeared to be choking her.

When the trooper exited his vehicle, the assailant turned toward him. It was then that McWhorter became aware that the attacker had a knife.

Trooper McWhorter, following protocol, gave the man several verbal orders to drop the knife.

cop uses taser to save woman

cop uses taser to save woman

After the man’s refusal to relinquish his weapon, McWhorter fired his Taser.

The male subject was then detained and local Emergency Services were contacted.

Paramedics treated the woman who was assaulted at the scene. She has been identified as Glory Purvis.

She told authorities that the man on which the trooper used his taser was her ex-boyfriend, 40 year old Travis Phillips.

Apparently, Glory had informed Travis while they were driving that she was ending their relationship. That was when he stopped the vehicle and attacked her.

“He told me that if he couldn’t have me, nobody could,” Purvis explained. “And he all of the sudden pulled a knife, held it to my throat. And then started strangling me with both hands.”

Purvis was extremely grateful for Trooper McWhorter’s timely interference. “Seen my life flashing in front of me, before I blacked out. And he saved my life, he honestly saved my life,” she stated.

According to the Kentucky State Police, Travis Phillips is being charged with “Assault 4th, Terroristic Threatening 3rd, and Resisting Arrest.”

If Phillips wanted things to heat back up between he and Glory Purvis, he got his wish; to the tune of 50,000 volts.

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