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Rep Mario Díaz-Balart (R-FL), is an American of Cuban descent with strong attitudes towards and a familiarity with the Castro regime. His aunt, Mirta Diaz-Balart, was Fidel Castro’s first wife.

Diaz-Balart takes note of the fact that Obama is taking the entire family, saying, “This looks less of a foreign policy trip and more of a quasi-religious pilgrimage to the only totalitarian dictatorship, anti-American dictatorship in this hemisphere.” He continues, “So there are about 120 countries that the ‘president’ has yet to visit, allies, friends, folks that would love to receive the ‘president. Yet he takes his entire family on what again seems to be almost a pilgrimage to the one remaining totalitarian dictatorship, anti-American dictatorship in this hemisphere.”

He characterizes the trip, saying, “It is frankly a tragic and a disgusting and a horrific day for the United States and frankly for the entire world.”

Leland Vittert points out that it is unusual that Obama is spending two nights as well, saying, “It’s rare for him to spend two full nights on the road. Does it occasionally, once did it in Israel, a very close US ally; a lot of questions about why he’s spending so much time there.”

Vittert plays a clip of White House spokesliar Josh Earnest making the same claims for fraternizing with the enemy that regime always does, most recently with Iran just a day or so previously, that it’s a work in progress for opening up relations and communications. And they’ll “do it in a way that ends up being good for the American people and the American economy.”

The Congressman isn’t biting that hook, detailing a conversation he had with Treasury Secretary Lew in which he asked him, “What is the administration asking from the Castro regime in return for all these concessions and he couldn’t give me one thing that the administration is asking for. So this is not a negotiation. This is the ‘president’ of the United States giving everything, every concession he can possibly come up with, to the Castro regime, asking nothing in return; again, not even asking for it.

He points out “There are roughly eighty fugitives from US law, terrorists, cop killers who are harbored by Castro. The ‘president’ doesn’t feel that’s important enough to ask for that. There are indicted members of Castro’s armed forces for the murder of Americans and the ‘president’ doesn’t believe it’s important to demand that. The ‘president’ has asked nothing in return for all these concessions.”

It’s like the Iran Deal all over again, only without the nuclear arms and the huge jackpot; at least not that we know about.

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