Congressman – Obama Insulting Police, All Citizens


Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) is best remembered by some for telling Eric Holder that he felt it was inappropriate for him to be testifying before Congress. He said, “I don’t think Mr. Holder should be here. He’s in contempt of this body. I’ve called for his resignation, I’ve sponsored articles of impeachment” and refused to recognize or question him, releasing his time back to the chairman. Farenthold speaks his mind and backs it up with legislation that his colleagues often fail him in supporting.

Congressman Farenthold was offended as well by what he and many others felt were inappropriate comments by Hussein Obama during the memorial service for the five slain Dallas Police officers. He’s asked if his saying there is a racist problem with police at a time when all of these people were gathered to show respect to five officers who were killed without warning was appropriate.

Farenthold says Obama gives lip service to uniting and then immediately follows it up with “us against them” and divisiveness. He’s asked about the Black Lives Matter agitators and responds with a common question of why it’s necessary to elevate black lives over all lives. That talking about division increases division and puts us on the wrong path.

He also addresses the question of whether building a wall across the entire southern border is the most practical way of addressing the border problem. Farenthold’s a Texas Representative who is of the opinion that in some areas technology may be a better solution to the problem due to the remoteness of the particular stretch of border.


He describes the concept of “vanishing time” as being the more critical consideration when considering the efficacy of security efforts, something that is employed by the Israelis in their efforts. The metric is how long it takes an illegal border crosser to disappear into the general population. Drone aerial surveillance followed up with border patrol dispatches to the violators might prove more effective in his opinion. He notes “Obama won’t even try to catch people.”

“You need walls in urban areas; you need strategically placed walls, that’s absolutely accurate.” He notes that you can buy a Predator drone for what two miles of wall costs and believes a mixture of technology and physical barriers, as well as boots on the ground might be best. He forgets that it isn’t our money. It’s the Mexicans who will be paying for the wall. They can buy the wall; we’ll cover the drone expenses.

Farenthold believes the number one issue for national security is border security. He’s not primarily concerned about illegals coming into the US for jobs as much as he is about drug cartels and terrorists. He notes the “Other Than Mexicans” that are intercepted as a cause for concern, saying, “Those numbers are way up.”

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