Congress, DHS Allow Illegals To Murder Americans – Families Wait As Nothing Changes


Congressman Trey Gowdy is the Chairman on the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security. On Tuesday Rep Gowdy gave these remarks to open the testimony in which family members of Americans who were killed by illegal aliens provided testimony as to the situations of government lawlessness which led to the deaths of members of their families, the inaction by the federal government to correct their shortcomings and the impunity with which the corrupt federal government places the concerns of the criminals violating our national sovereignty above the interests of the American people.

Rep Gowdy has heard some of these stories before. He was in a similar hearing in July of last year when Laura Wilkerson told the tale of how her son was brutally and sadistically murdered by an illegal alien he thought was his friend, one he had given a ride to.

He’s also heard his fellow Congressman, one he has been quite chummy with and tolerant of his anti-American positions and rudeness, Luis Gutierrez, chastise and attack witnesses such as these, including Mrs. Wilkerson, in July of 2015. The assault by Gutierrez was so repugnant that it prompted a letter by the witnesses to the Democrat House leadership, asking for sanctions against their vile little illegal alien agitator. Gutierrez had specifically directed his fury at Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies, who lost a brother to an illegal alien, for calling him out for his comments trivializing the murder of Kate Steinle.

It’s interesting that Rep Gowdy calls for action by DHS and the White House to correct the problems when they have been acting in violation of United States laws for years with Congress continuing to fund every aspect of the Obama anti-American agenda, including the importation of illegal aliens. No effort of any substance beyond grandstanding and pretty, empty speeches have been undertaken. Nothing has changed beyond there being a higher cumulative death toll among the innocent American public.

No action whatsoever to prevent the corrupt Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and his subordinates from breaking United States law or from either allowing or forcing those subordinate to them to do so.

It’s interesting that Johnson continues to come to Congress and make excuses for why he refuses to do his job, obvious and pathetic creations clearly intended to circumvent federal immigration law and these lawmakers allow him to get away with it, failing to even recognize his criminality or to demand that the laws they wrote be respected and enforced.

Representative Gowdy’s comments are more than interesting, they’re hypocritical. With a stern expression and demeanor, Gowdy berates the executive branch for doing exactly what Congress is allowing them to do. The responsibility is shared, although nobody in that room outside of the witnesses wants to acknowledge that fact. Obama, Johnson and the regime criminals are breaking the law. Congress is providing them with the means by which to do it. Both are equally guilty. Gowdy is on his high horse, a seat which he has no right to occupy. He is facilitating the lawbreaking executive branch that undermines our safety and national security. His hands also have American blood on them.

Mrs. Wilkerson addressed the failure of the Congress to act and they clearly are going to continue that failure. House members only want to be able to claim to have acted. They don’t actually want anything to change. The status quo and false moral high ground have worked just fine for them to this point and unless we force them to change, they’ll keep letting Americans die and doing the bidding of the elites who put them in office.

That is who they represent, we’re only spectators.

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