Confederate Groups Build Monument With Flag, The Location Has Race-Baiters Furious



Straight from the deep south in Montgomery, Alabama a few Confederate Groups have a plan.   They believe the Confederate flag will wave forever and they’ll make sure of that.  Since many African Americans believe this flag represents slavery and the Tallahassee Chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans believe it stands for their historical heritage, heads are bound to roll.

Members of three Confederate groups in Alabama are planning to erect a monument featuring a large Confederate flag in front of one of the nation’s oldest state-sponsored historically black colleges here, the Tallahassee Tribune reported.

According to the Tribune, leaders of the Tallahassee chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans, Tallahassee Armory Guard and First Capitol Flaggers announced at a meeting this week that donations had been given to support the building of the monument.


They’re going to build a monument with a 50 foot flag pole flying the symbolic battle flag of the Confederacy.

Fred Randall Hughey, owner of  WACQ-AM, stated the location of where the flag would be.  Everyone in the crowd cheered when they heard it will wave directly across Alabama State University. The nation’s oldest state-sponsored, historically black college.

The confederate group was asked about the message the flag’s location will give due to current racial tensions.  They said their group has no intentions to antagonize.

“We are descendants of Confederate veterans,” they said. “Our lives matter just as much.”

This flag was used by the soldiers of the Army as the de-facto flag.  The official flag was too similar to the Union’s flag, so to avoid confusion on the battlefield, this flag was used consistently by almost the entire army. The flag’s stars represented the number of states in the Confederacy.

The groups are “about halfway” to their goal of $3,000 to cover the monument’s cost.

The media is bound to report this event, especially when “Black Lives Matter” shows up!