NO CHARGES RECOMMENDED – COMEY: Hillary “Extremely Careless” In Emailing Secret Information

In what might be the bombshell of the 2016 presidential election campaign, on Tuesday, July 5, FBI Director James Comey unequivably stated that while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was careless in her handling of classified emails while she was in office, including some with the highest possible top secret classifications, there was not enough direct evidence of willful subverting, actual hacking of Mrs. Clinton’s personal server, or that information was obtained by foreign actors via unsecure transmission to warrant a recommendation of formal criminal charges against the Democratic candidate for president.

Stating that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” FBI director Comey dashed the hopes of millions of Americans who have been following the unfolding of one public revelation after another of the extreme disdain for maintaining the classified information of the United States.  It is said among those in Washington, that Mr. Comey is a hard-nosed, honest law enforcement man.  When he said, he and the investigators “cannot find a case that would support a criminal charge” he will be taken at his word.  (sort of)

This announcement comes amid a flurry of suspicious actions and a number of conflict of interest stories that have taken place to the astonishment of the American public.  First, Hillary Clinton’s consort, husband Bill, met Attorney General Loretta Lynch privately on her government plane for a time without any record of what was discussed.  Then in a surprise move, the FBI interviewed Mrs. Clinton for only three and a half hours on the subject of her emails on the Saturday of the annual Independence Day celebration, a time often used to bury important and potentially embarrassing news stories.  At the very time the FBI announcement was made, Mrs. Clinton hitched a ride with Barack Obama, Occupier of the Oval Office, on Air Force One, thus indicating his support for Clinton.

FBI Director Comey did not answer questions following his statement.  In the coming days, look for far more information to be leaked and released regarding Hillary’s email-gate.  While there was not enough evidence to charge the woman, there was a lot of wrong doing as described by Comey in detail.

More information as it comes available.

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