Comedian Tries to Buy a Gun Using the “Gun Show Loophole” Democrats Always Whine About



Obama and everyone else on the left are always complaining about the “gun show loophole”. They say it allows people to go to any gun show and just purchase a gun no questions asked. As the Federalist points out, that is 100% FALSE.

“In reality, the so-called “gun show loophole” is a myth. It does not exist. There is no loophole in federal law that specifically exempts gun show transactions from any other laws normally applied to gun sales. Not one.

If you purchase a firearm from a federal firearms licensee (FFL) regardless of the location of the transaction — a gun store, a gun show, a gun dealer’s car trunk, etc. — that FFL must confirm that you are legally allowed to purchase that gun. That means the FFL must either run a background check on you via the federal NICS database, or confirm that you have passed a background check by examining your state-issued concealed carry permit or your government-issued purchase permit. There are zero exceptions to this federal requirement.

If an individual purchases a gun across state lines — from an individual or FFL which resides in a different state than the buyer — the buyer must undergo a background check, and the sale must be processed by an FFL in the buyer’s home state.”

Comedian Steven Crowder decided to put this to a test. He went to several gun shows with a hidden camera and attempted to buy a gun. It should have been easy for him considering Democrats like Obama and Hillary say that anyone, even criminals, can purchase a gun at these shows.   Democrats would NEVER lie to the public, would they? Well, watch the video and find out.

Also, if you have any liberal anti-gun friends, please send them this article and explain to them that they are being manipulated by Democrats.