Col West Says All Trump Does Is Win – How Can Establishment Claim He Can’t?


Lt Col Allen West joined Brian Kilmeade for a discussion Wednesday which included the Super Tuesday results of March 15th.  He notes the commanding lead that Donald Trump has as the front runner in the GOP primary and addresses the various stop Donald Trump efforts underway, saying, “I think that you’ve got to allow this to play through. You’ve got to allow the will of the people to be heard, the voice of the people to be heard. Because, if people start to believe that there’s some shenanigans and backdoor deals that are going on such as that Sea Island, Georgia, not so secret meeting, there will be a revolt.”

Kilmeade plays a clip of Rich Lowery from the National Review discussing how the GOP establishment is acting in a totally unique manner in not supporting the front runner this far into the primary process. He calls Trump uniquely polarizing; perhaps uniquely threatening to the establishment’s political future would be more accurate.

Kilmeade asks Col West for his view on those comments. West says he sees two possible courses of action. “You can sit back and you can throw stones or you can say hey, let me get inside this building and let’s talk about how we make the building stronger. And I believe that’s the, the latter should be the course of action we’re taking.”

He continues, “Let’s sit down and say if this guy’s going to be the front-runner how do we make him the best possible GOP nominee because the choice on the other side looks like it’s going to be Hillary Clinton. That’s just unconscionable and unacceptable. When you look at the state of our economy, when you look at the state of the global situation.”

West says, “She was secretary of state and can you point to one accomplishment? Look at what has gone on in Libya; look at what has gone on in the Middle East. Look at what has gone on in the Pacific. Look at this ‘Russian reset button’ that she gave the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. So what is she going to run on? Just a continuation of the failed policies of ‘president’ Obama and more sexism, racism diatribe?”

Kilmeade notes that people claim to be convinced that Donald Trump cannot win and asks if that is a view that West also shares. He replies, “Well, I don’t know where people are getting he cannot win when yet he keeps winning.” He says, “Look at the massive amount of Democrats that are changing their registration over to Republican because they feel that that party has left them and they’re voting for Donald Trump.  So to an extent he is right, he is uniting people. So I don’t know where people keep saying he can’t win.”

On the conflict in Syria and the Russian involvement, Col West credits Putin for accomplishing the mission and exiting rather than getting bogged down in nation building. He once again bested Obama in the international arena, bolstering Assad under the guise of attacking ISIS, a fight that Obama is still unwilling to have. He asks, “How many time did we hear ‘president’ Obama say ‘Bashar al-Assad must go? And he’s staying.”

He also gave his take on the Marco Rubio candidacy which ended with his defeat in Florida.