Col Ralph Peters – Coup Is Turkey’s Last Hope


Col Ralph Peters notes that the situation in Turkey at present is murky and that we won’t know until tomorrow morning at the earliest who is winning in the current attempt to oust Turkish leadership. He describes the coup as “Turkey’s last chance to avoid becoming an authoritarian Islamic regime if not an outright Islamist dictatorship.”

He says, “And we should make no mistake, the people staging this coup are the good guys. It sounds paradoxical, but they’re the ones on the side of constitutional democracy.” He notes that President Erdogan has been dismantling the secular government, replacing and packing various government and military bodies with Islamists as he constructs an Islamic state.

“He is not our friend,” says Peters who also notes, “He is not Turkey’s friend.” He warns, “If this coup fails, you will see a crackdown and it will be the excuse to eliminate the last vestiges of secularism.” He says, “This is not a banana republic military trying to take power for the sake of taking power. They’re trying to save their country.”

Peters notes how once again Hussein Obama is on the wrong side when an Islamic line is drawn. He says, “By coming out and saying we have to support the democratically elected government. Erdogan’s government is not democratically elected the way we know it. He has banned opposition political parties. He’s banned opposition politicians. He’s staged elections so they will benefit him.”

Peters say, “As usual, Obama-Kerry has got it wrong. God bless the people trying to save Turkey, a country for which I have great affection, but right now it doesn’t look good.”

Peters also points out the Muslim Brotherhood connections of Erdogan, saying that Obama mistakenly believes them to be a force for moderation in the Middle East. They’re not as bad as ISIS, says Peters, but they’re still fundamentalists and not good news.

Peters believes that Obama should have just kept his mouth shut. The people behind the coup are on our side and against the Islamic extremists.

Of course, that’s exactly why Obama couldn’t remain silent. He’s an ally of extreme Islam, their agent in the White House.

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