Cokie Roberts – Code For Insufferable Liberal FemiNazi Witch


The leftists and the party of all things criminal, the Democrats, are circling their wagons around their unscrupulous anti-American candidate. Cokie Roberts, ever the radical femi-Nazi extremist, has a gift for finding the flimsiest of pretexts upon which to inject gender into every occurrence. She showcased that ability in recent dispensations of her “enlightened political commentary and analysis” following some of the problems Hillary Clinton has with breaking the law, threatening national security and lying about it.

We should all be willing, according to Ms. Roberts the liberal, to ignore and excuse the wrongdoing of their political candidate in the same biased manner that she does based upon Hillary Clinton’s gender. Though no man would touch her with a ten foot pole, Hillary Clinton is still a woman and in today’s world that emphasizes equality she must be given preferential treatment.

The gender based rules are that whatever Hillary Clinton does, including any criminal act of any description is acceptable and goes unpunished. Whatever Donald Trump says or does is exaggerated and denounced on every imaginable basis in order to portray each of them as something they are not.

That concerted effort is the only way possible for the espionage criminal directly responsible for ISIS, the Middle East chaos and the deaths of many people, including four at Benghazi to get elected. Make the bad person appear good and the good guy appear to be bad is the Democrat strategy.

In the first portion of the video liberal hosts are having a quiet little defense of Clinton propaganda session. This comes on the heels of Hussein Obama declaring that Trump is unfit for office, something that they all roundly cheered and joined in. When the shoe is in the other mouth it’s not quite so appealing.

The authoritative Roberts contributes her two cents, commenting about Trump’s remarks that Clinton’s continued lying about everything is reflective  of her diminishing mental capacity and being unfit for the job, “unhinged and not looking presidential.” Roberts knows why Trump said what he did. It’s simply because this man who has more female executives in his company than males hates women. She says his comments “about unhinged and she doesn’t look presidential is totally code for we shouldn’t elect a woman.”

Earlier this year, in the second portion of the clip, Roberts discusses implicit bias that supposedly exists against Clinton, in which she says, “You look at the polling where you see that Hillary Clinton is losing on leadership, that’s all about being a woman.”

It’s got nothing to do with creating ISIS, blowing up Libya, Benghazi, or her inability to tell the truth, a necessary to earn the trust needed for effective leadership, it’s a plumbing issue.

Roberts also chooses to ignore the fact that were Clinton not a woman and the wife of Bill Clinton she would have been out of the race long ago. Roberts is helping Clinton to play both sides of the only card she has, her gender.

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