CNN Surgical Editing Creates Good Girl Peacemaker


CNN, the home of Crap Not News around the globe, maintained their shameful tradition of distortion and propagandizing for the radical leftists in their coverage of the Obama riots in Milwaukee. Ignore the fact that the thug was brandishing a firearm in the encounter with the officer, and that he had a very long criminal history. In the tradition of Ferguson and Michael Brown, the dead thug has been transformed into an altar boy, straight “A” student, who also worked full time as a missionary and served as a youth mentor in the community. He was shot in an unprovoked attack by a predator cop who hates black people. The only thing keeping their narrative from being the stuff of Don Lemon’s fantasies is the fact the shooter was a black officer. They’ll just have to overlook that point.

In their propaganda clip, CNN describes what took place as a protest which included a “made for TV” prayer that, as luck would have it, was taking place just as the camera crew happened by and while nobody was otherwise involved in throwing rocks, burning cars or beating the hell out of someone for being white.

The editing wizards at the Clinton/Obama studios were able to find a snippet where one of the thug’s family members, a sister, was supposedly calling for peace. She is seen saying, “Don’t bring the violence here and the ignorance here.” While it’s apparent that it’s too late to prevent either from taking root in her community, it’s what the thugette said in the rest of the sentence that makes as much of a statement about CNN as it does the Milwaukee ghetto hood rats.

The dishonest reporter notes that the DOJ is on the scene, but ignores the fact that they are a political organization that has likewise attempted to lynch as many cops as possible in Ferguson and every incident since then. She also asks the question of where the city goes from there. That’s an easy one; they go to nightly television broadcasts as long as the satellite trucks remain, just as they did in Ferguson. Surely George Soros has his BLM people on the scene already, working feverishly to blow it up into something it isn’t. One place the local community won’t be going is to a microphone, to apologize for the crimes of their spawn, Thug Smith.

As for the full content of the sister’s comments, she was not the peacemaker that the selective editing by the Clinton/Obama newsroom indicated. In fact, the racist piece of trash is encouraging her black hood rat comrades to go out and attack people because they happen to be white.

While it would be helpful to have a translator from whatever unknown language she strayed into, many parts of her diatribe were in English. After a sentence or two of gibberish she breaks into profanity-laced hood English in which she says, “Burnin down sh*t ain’t gonna help nothin. Yo burnin down sh*t we need in our commune. Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn they sh*t down. We need our sh*t. We need our weave. I don’t wear it, but we need it.”

So she wants to stop taking on friendly fire and to direct the violence at the enemy, white folks in “they” suburbs. Is that peace, Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper, as defined by political prostitutes masquerading as journalists? It doesn’t sound peaceful from a non-CNN, distortion adverse perspective.

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