Clinton Thugs Attacked Trump Supporters, Intent On Hurting Someone, Even Mr. Trump’s Motorcade


They’re tactics successfully utilized by Adolph Hitler in his rise and consolidation of power, including the burning of the Reichstag building. He knew the value of physical violence and the threat of physical violence;  fear are great motivators. Hillary Clinton and George Soros used the same tactics in their campaign to complete our national destruction last night in Minnesota.

One Trump supporter who witnessed the carnage, including the attack on the candidate’s motorcade, was former Minnesota Congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. She described what was more of the same outrageous conduct that followed Mr. Trump around from one speaking engagement to another over the course of the primaries.

Much of the responsibility for the chaos and assaults on individuals, including spitting, threats, name-calling and actual physical violence, had been attributed to Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Now Mr. Sanders is no longer in the race and with the atrocities continuing, we are down to just two suspects, Clinton or Soros, most likely both.

Rep Bachmann described the events as they were still unfolding by text message to Breitbart News Friday night. She said, “The deranged left was on hand at the Trump event last night in Minneapolis looking for pre-planned, predictably choreographed trouble. They were swearing at attendees as we arrived, spitting at whomever they could reach. They weren’t protesting as much as they were looking to beat people up. After Donald Trump had our wildly enthusiastic crowd riled up and on our feet with multiple standing ovations, the crowd tried leaving the building. Police officers told us protesters had physically attacked people as they were leaving the building and we were instructed to leave through alternative exits.

The ‘protestors’ morphed into rent-a-mobs, and then they became ‘rent-a-thugs’ looking for a beat-down. It was nothing more than Obama/Hillary’s lawlessness and disrespect for decency playing out on the streets of Minneapolis. The only idea the left seems to understand is physical violence used to intimidate political opposition. These brute thugs who attacked Donald Trump’s vehicle demonstrate exactly why we need to elect Donald Trump as our next President of the United States, so we can see respect for the rule of law return again in this country.

“The media probably didn’t report it, but these protestor/thugs were running wild back and forth in a frenzy shouting, ‘F— the police!  F— the police,’” Bachmann said. “For normal, happy Trump supporting people, it was frightening. Welcome to Hillary’s America. These are the people she protects and rewards.”

Breitbart asked Clinton for a response and whether or not she disavows the thugs attacking supporters of her opponent. She failed to respond; might have been her nappy time.

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