The evidence of cheating and the attempts by the Democrats to steal the election continue to pile up. The debates were rigged in multiple ways, from earpieces or other secret communications devices to the conspiracy with Lester Holt and NBC “news” to the implanting of a teleprompter or other device in the podium Clinton used.

The podium problem was a little more difficult in that the evidence had to be collected from the stage, in front of the remnants of the attendees and at the risk of being videotaped by someone in the room. Fortunately, there was someone in the room recording what was going on.

As the Clinton entourage tried to block the view and create a diversion in the front of the room, going through the handshaking and trademark Clinton open-mouthed finger pointing, their operatives were at work behind them removing evidence as best they could. There is a network of people involved in what was clearly an orchestrated and planned act of electoral espionage, with lookouts, recovery people and blockers working together to get the evidence cleared while not being discovered.

They make several attempts and clearly there is a lot of equipment and items that need to be removed discretely. There’s more than just her notes, which were handed to Lester Holt and can be seen in an earlier video and article. There seems to be electronics, the kind of stuff that a Teleprompter might need, who knows what type of gear they employed.

It’s certain that none of this is normal, the only normal activity was on the part of the Trump campaign, which left the podium and didn’t return following the debate. There was something that kept drawing the Clinton operatives back and they were clearly making an effort not to be found out.

Bill, Hillary and Chelsea all eventually huddle up at the podium as the little Wolf Blitzer looking guy finishes removing the final item, a large box of some sort. We aren’t surprised that the Clintons are engaged in criminal conduct, it would be surprising if they weren’t. It’s the audacity and the magnitude of it that is so stunning. And the depth of the complicity at every stage with the media and everyone else involved, including the Commission on Presidential Debates. They own the podiums and controlled the access and made the rules.

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