Clinton Hocked A Loogie Into Her Glass, Then Drank The Water In Coughing Fit


We’ve all seen the coughing fit in Cleveland where Hillary Clinton was on stage and had to scramble for a glass of water, presumably to help her cope with the cough itself. Now it appears that was not the reason, that she had a mouthful of phlegm and it isn’t considered presidential or ladylike for her to hock it up and shoot it offstage mid-speech. Two different objects can be seen descending into her glass. The Clinton camp could make the argument that one of them was a lozenge, the first and larger one. What’s the second one of more random shape?

Surely they’ve prepared for this eventuality as the effort to keep yet another secret, that of her serious health issues, concealed from the American people continues. This revelation also explains why she would be given a glass of water on her plane later the same day during a similar attack while already having in her hand a bottle of water.  It’s also an explanation for why she’s got someone at her side in talking to the press on the plane. His job is to block the view of the glass while appearing to simply be comforting her.

This is no small issue. Even her most dedicated supporters can no longer argue that she’s in the “excellent physical condition,” an assertion made by her now possibly complicit doctor in the lead up to the campaign.


You don’t hock up golf ball size phlegm balls for months unless you’ve got a serious condition. The nature of her condition needs to be revealed to the American people or Clinton needs to get out of the race. Besides, it’s pretty disgusting to hock it into the glass and then drink the same water. Does she not have any more class than that?

We know she’s determined to win but this is pretty disgusting. Maybe a Slurpee cup would have been a better choice for the candidate than a clear glass. How ironic it is that she was betrayed and exposed by the use of a transparent drinking glass. Arguably the only act of transparency in her long political career may be the one that ends it.

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