Clinton Hiding From The Press Because Her Symptoms Are A Ticking Time Bomb


Gary Franchi interviewed Dr. Ted Noel, a retired doctor with 32 years practicing critical care, ten years as a surgical medical director. They discuss his belief that Hillary Clinton is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease based upon his observations of videos and information available in the public realm. He qualifies his determination with a statement acknowledging that he has not examined Mrs. Clinton, calling it his “working conclusion.”

He says, “She very clearly has a major neurological problem. The public record contains evidence that matches Parkinson’s Disease, so it has to be the highest item on the list of possibilities. Parkinson’s Disease is a completely disqualifying condition for any position of responsibility. My friend with Parkinson’s had to sell eight businesses because he could no longer serve to manage them because of his Parkinson’s.”

Noel notes, “If she has Parkinson’s Disease, as evidenced by these freeze events that we’ve seen, it’s very clear that any time there is stress, and guess what, the Presidency is the highest stress job in the world, she can turn into an off state and functionally be Woodrow Wilson with a stroke.”

He says her numerous coughing fits are also “most certainly related to her Parkinson’s disease. A swallowing disorder is one of the most common problems in Parkinson’s and it ultimately is the cause of death in more Parkinson’s patients than anything else because they get saliva into their lungs, aspirate and get pneumonia.”

Dr Noel states on his website that he believes she’s had the condition for at least ten years and spends some time in the video recounting that timeline. He discusses her head bobbing and other symptoms, some of which he attributes to the treatment and a side effect that manifests itself over time.

He lists ten points that indicate Clinton is suffering from Parkinson’s which include tremors, freezes, weakness in the legs, rigidity, difficulty walking, and movement impairment triggered by loud sounds, flashes and stress. Her facial gestures, wide open eyes and odd hand positions are also signs of Parkinson’s Disease, which he goes into detail explaining.

Dr. Noel speaks with a great deal of certainty that Clinton is afflicted with this very serious debilitating condition. She can’t be allowed to be elected president, she’s already physically unfit to fulfill the office. It’s time that Congressional Republicans demand that she be evaluated by objective medical professionals in order to determine just what is physically wrong with this woman. Morality, patriotism and character shortcomings are a whole other issue.

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