Are Clinton Dishonesty and Selling Govt Favors Why She’s Not Trusted?


To be a campaign manager for the pathological liar and political predator Hillary Clinton means a large part of the day to day duties involve explaining away her misdeeds and telling more less to cover up the many she has already told. It takes a certain kind of individual to fill such a role, one who will say or do whatever it takes, regardless of the falseness or lack of integrity required to get Hillary Clinton elected. They have to be able to smile as they lie to your face.

Robby Mook is that guy, the kind who was probably bullied on a regular basis in high school and deservedly so. Everything about his guy screams sleaze ball. In working as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager he’s found the perfect temporary position.  

In an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, John Dickerson opened their interview by saying, “Robby I’m going to start with a finding in our poll, fifty-one percent of voters in Ohio think that Hillary Clinton is influenced by foreign donors. Why do you think that is?”

Mook could answer truthfully, by simply saying something along the lines of, “Duh, because she is, John. It’s pretty obvious that she’s been influence peddling and selling favors the whole time she’s been in government, isn’t it?” Instead, he did what he’s paid to do; he lied and obfuscated.

The right-wing conspiracy has returned and they are attacking the innocent victim, Hillary Clinton. Mook highlights some of the minimal charitable work that the Clinton Foundation uses as a cover for their money-laundering operation.

He tries to shift the attention to bank loans that Trump’s businesses have taken out with Chinese banks and somehow equate that with her own racketeering. He attempts to draw a distinction based upon where a phone call originated, from Bill Clinton’s personal office rather than that of the Clinton Foundation. Supposedly, according to the spin that Mook is giving it, that separation removes the connection of the huge financial contribution that the donor made and the fact that he was granted an interview with an American Ambassador that he sought.

Dickerson doesn’t waste much more time on the tap dancing around the truth by his guest, asking, “Let me ask you a bottom line question about Hillary Clinton. When people look at the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department and anything that may come out in the future, when they take a look at that is that the ethical standard that they should expect from her in the presidency as they determine whether they are going to vote for her to be president?”

He blabbers a bit, with Dickerson interrupting with a summary of the response, “So yes,” to which Mook replies that they’re going to be even less corrupt if she’s president. Shall we then take that answer as a no, Mr. Mook?

Mook is asked about their attempts to drag Colin Powell into their email cover up, saying that specifics would have to be obtained from Powell and Clinton directly, an excuse to not answer, followed by more disinformation. Mook says Powell did use private email, which is true. He didn’t transfer any government records to a personal location and he didn’t engage in espionage violations by emailing classified documents on that personal account. Tell the whole story, Mook, if you’re going to get Powell involved in your sordid little anti-American racketeering operation. Mook says the rules were very murky but Powell didn’t have any trouble negotiating them. He had the common sense, good judgment, and respect for the laws of the United States and put what was in our national security rather than his personal interests first. He wasn’t using his position as Secretary of State as a gatekeeper for a pay to play operation.

Mook is asked “Why not have a press conference,” a question he not only doesn’t want to answer but one he can’t. So he changes it, saying, “Well, the real question here is whether Secretary Clinton has been taking questions from reporters,” throwing bogus statistics of 300 interviews since the first of the year.

That wasn’t the question Mook, but we can draw our own conclusions, she might have another medical emergency during the press conference, she can’t handle the corruption questions that are going to be a major focus, and she’s running on an anti-American agenda of more of the same as the third Obama term. Even with a compliant media, she’s quite vulnerable. She’ll just hide out until the debates.

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