Clinton Dirty Money Trail – $675,000 To Wife Of FBI Official Overseeing Investigation

The Obama Clinton corruption is everywhere. An FBI official who was promoted during the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her obvious criminal actions received $675,000 in cash and services into their household in the form of “campaign donations” to his wife. Oddly, she seems to have not been seriously entertaining the notion of running for office prior to being selected by the corrupt Governor of Virginia, seemingly out of the blue. She had to be convinced in a private meeting with Governor Terry McAuliffe, the former DNC Chief, and close Clinton ally to run, “for the good of the state.”

The donations took the form of $467,500 in cash and another $207,788 worth of support in the form of campaign mailers. The candidate was Dr. Jill McCabe, who met with McAuliffe only once. In that meeting he persuaded her to embark on her unsuccessful run for the Virginia State Senate. Her husband is Andrew McCabe, has since been promoted to deputy director of the FBI and had oversight of Clinton’s case once promoted.


It’s an interesting theory, that McAuliffe or his representatives identified McCabe as a potential willing accomplice and promised him, his wife, or both, that they would shower her with cash and perhaps a seat in the State’s Senate and to give him a nice promotion. All he had to do in return was to deep six the Clinton investigation or agree to go along with the decision of their compromised Director, James Comey.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “A spokesman for the governor said he ‘supported Jill McCabe because he believed she would be a good state senator. This is a customary practice for Virginia governors… Any insinuation that his support was tied to anything other than his desire to elect candidates who would help pass his agenda is ridiculous.'” Put more correctly, anyone who believes this crooked Democrat’s line of crap is an idiot. Of course it was a relatively clean way for them to funnel large amounts of money to her in exchange for political favors. It’s the quid pro quo that Clinton and her circle of corruption thrive upon.

The excuses from the FBI and those involved in the scheme are laughable in their criminal transparency and dependence upon the naiveté of the public for their consumption. The FBI issued a statement saying that Mr. McCabe “played no role, attended no events, and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind. Months after the completion of her campaign, then-Associate Deputy Director McCabe was promoted to Deputy, where, in that position, he assumed for the first time, an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails.”

Did he help her spend the money? Did he eat any of the food or stay in the house it paid for? And does it really matter that they chose not to promote her husband during the campaign? They put him where he needed to be to benefit Mrs. Clinton when he needed to be there. The campaign was primarily a way to move the money from Democrat fundraisers to one of those who held the decision making power over their future nominee. A time lag provided them with a weak, but their only remotely plausible deniability.

The already compromised Comey FBI is providing protection for McCabe and themselves, stating that he recognized the conflict of interest and covered himself by seeking “ethics advice” from the bureau and following it. They instructed him to abstain from involvement in public corruption cases in Virginia or campaign activities. That advice did not extend to the most corrupt individual in all of the federal government, whom he became a de facto agent in support and protection of, Hillary Clinton.

In their claims of innocence, the McCabes insist on directing the attention towards the Virginia race, their safe zone from the obvious big picture conflict of interest. Dr. McCabe offered the sophomoric excuse, “Once I decided to run,”[and accept 2/3 of a million bucks and a great job for my husband], “my husband had no formal role in my campaign other than to be a supportive husband to me and our children. As a federal official…everyone who participated in our campaign understood and respected that he could not participate.”

He was supportive but had no formal role. Isn’t that sweet. It’s the informal role that stinks to high heaven, Doc. The one that helped Hillary Clinton get away with treason and so much more.

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