Clinton Campaign CEO Podesta, Pretending a Few Important Things Of His Own Don’t Exist

Clinton Campaign CEO Podesta

Clinton Campaign CEO Podesta, Pretending a Few Important Things Of His Own Don’t Exist

The corrupt individuals behind the equally corrupt candidate have unleashed their assault on Donald Trump in the form of an eleven year old video tape. That’s supposed to completely distract the American people and so outrage us by the language that he used that we will completely ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton is a traitor to America and that her criminal syndicate includes most of the government that props her up.

One of those intertwined in the corrupt snake den of Washington DC is John Podesta, her campaign chairman. He was also Bill Clinton’s chief of staff at the White House and Obama’s senior advisor on issues including the hoax designed specifically to steal power and money from the US and other citizens and line the pockets of the globalist pirates, climate change.


After hearing that WikiLeaks had released some of his hacked emails, the high and mighty Podesta tried to do two things, deflect away from the content and imply that others were guilty of the same things. His first of four Tweets attempted to do both, saying, “While I’m in pretty good company with Gen. Powell & Amb. Marshall…”

The second was a diversion from the content and another attempt at the same tactic that has been in play since the first DNC email problems became evident, the claim that Russians are to blame. He wrote, ” I’m not happy about being hacked by the Russians in their quest to throw the election to Donald Trump.” The odds are that since he and his syndicate were able to sell America’s uranium to the Russians for a huge profit and to their strategic military benefit, they are probably not in Trump’s corner. As for the larger claim of “the Russians did it,” Podesta’s not a stupid man so his complete missing of the point is obviously deliberate. It doesn’t really matter who exposed what he was doing, he was still doing it.

Next he implied, without actually having to lie about any specific documents which could later be disproven, that the documents and the information they contained was false. “Don’t have time to figure out which docs are real and which are faked…,” the busy little international mobster wrote.

He then went on to parse a completely irrelevant point that about the current ownership structure of the influence peddling company that he and his brother started and operate, the Podesta Group. He said, “But, for starters, Assange’s first claim that I co-own the Podesta Group is completely false.”

We might also inquire of Mr. Podesta if the clients who they act as a spokesperson and advocate in the halls of government inside the United States are also false or it they are correctly listed on their Wikipedia page as: Wal-Mart, BP, Lockheed Martin, Abdisalam Omer, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, Amgen, Bank Of America, Cherokee Nation (Casinos), Cintas, Covidien, Duke Energy, Egypt, Genentech, General Dynamics, Harrah’s Entertainment, Heineken, Merck, Michelin, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), National Public Radio (NPR), Nestle, Novartis, Orange County, Florida, Raytheon, Reed Elsevier, Republic of Albania, Republic of Georgia, Sallie Mae, Sunoco, Synthetic Genomics, TJX Companies, Tyco Electronics, Republic of Kenya and United Technologies.

We could also ask if there were any conflicts of interest in the decisions made by the White House while he was a senior adviser or his candidate the Secretary of State that would have benefited any of those he represents for a fee. The authoritarian government of Azerbaijan has his company on a monthly retainer of $60,000 plus expenses. What are they getting in return?

His client  Abdisalam Omer is a dual citizen Somali American who has held positions as the Chief of Staff of the Mayor of the District of Columbia, Director of the UNDP Somalia Financial Services and Governance Program, and a Chief Business Officer for the District of Columbia Public Schools. He also served as Governor of the Central Bank of Somalia in 2013 and, as of February 2015, is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia.

Did his representation play a role quashing the DC school voucher program or in the high levels of Somali immigration into the US? It seems to be the most likely explanation for both nonsensical federal actions under this regime.

And how about Obama’s trip to Kenya and all the taxpayer money he promised to throw their way. Was that just based upon his birth connection or was there a little of the customary pay for play being exercised there as well? And those potential and likely conflicts of interest don’t even get into the defense contractors, pharmaceutical manufacturers and bankers on your client list.

How deep does the corruption go? Clearly it’s as deep as one is willing to look.

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