Clinton Campaign Caught Doing THIS With Kids

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign Caught Doing THIS With Kids

Would you want the Clinton campaign attempting to solicit your kids? Me neither. Parents of students in one Maine town were not given the option.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Without the permission or knowledge of the parents, students at South Berwick’s Marshwood High School were contacted, via school email, by the Clinton campaign team.

Apparently, the team wants high school age kids out knocking doors for Hillary. Fox News records the content of the email.

“Hillary for New Hampshire is looking for smart, energetic winter fellows who are committed to winning the New Hampshire primary for Hillary Clinton. Everyone working on the campaign now started off as a fellow at some point so it is a great way of getting a different skill set whilst helping an important cause.”

Elita and Ted Galvin, whose teenage son attends the school, were outraged that their child had been propositioned in such a way.

“If you want to campaign for someone – that’s fine – but that’s between the child and the parents,” state Elita Galvin. “That’s not for the campaign to target you at school and it’s not for the school to suggest to you.”

Mr. and Mrs. Galvin contacted the school’s principal, Paul Mehlhorn. He told the concerned parents that there was nothing obligating the students to become volunteers for the Clinton campaign team. He expressed that passing along the email did not “suggest the school supports a particular political candidate, religious doctrine or branch of military.”

He, somewhat sarcastically, stated that parents could use the email as an avenue to open up dialogue with their kids about choosing whether or not to get involved. “We pass on this information to provide students with ways they may meet the requirement to perform 50 hours of community service to graduate,” he explained.

This response was, understandably, not very reassuring to the Galvins.

When Superintendent of Schools, Mary Nash, was contacted she admitted that sending the email was a mistake. She then instructed the principal to send a letter to all parents informing them of the occurrence.

You can be sure that, when asked, Hillary will know nothing about it and have no record of the emails on her current server.

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source: Fox News